Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good morning world.
I've decided to start this blog, because I feel the need to share my bottled thoughts unto something other than my sketchbook and my facebook.
Why is it called Strange Fruit?
well besides the fact that the title is derived from a track from the beloved Nina Simone...
I find that because I am a bit coy at times, yet I also feel every bit of my soul exudes sentiments that I can sometimes not put into words.
I'm the quiet girl.
I'm the sometimes FOB (Fresh out the boat.. aka immigrant with accent for those who don't know) girl
I'm the Haitian girl.
I'm the nerd
I'm the socially inapt girl
But apperently...
I'm also the cool girl
I'm also the stylish girl

I'm not sure if I know who I am.
But I think I'm somewhat OK with it... so far.
Strange Fruit...
I don't know why I am the way I am, or why I reason the way I do, but I am thankful for it regardless.
I've been blessed to be given the opportunity to be attending university. My mind is soaking in every bit of information and experience that I possibly can.
I'm very random... so my postings will vary from day to day.
But its getting late world... these eyes and this brain needs to be shut down in order to reboot for another day at school.
4th year political science major is no joke lol.

Good night

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