Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phenomenal Woman

Instead of taking a Public Policy class this year, I decided to take my first music class in a university setting. As soon as I started my class I found out we were going to talk about the life of Billie Holiday, then I was literally on the verge of tears... (Then I realized I should've been a music it's too late now though :-/)

A woman whose life I stand in awe. A woman who dealt with unfathomable pain. At the age of 10 she is raped by her next door neighbor and gets blamed for it under the claim that she "seduced" her neighbour. Raised by a single mother whose livelihood was prostitution, consequently bringing Billie into that environment. She miraculously finds ways to maneuver her way through life both by her stubborn character and tenacity of her spirit. ... She was a really complex person. I dunno, on one hand, she refused to take shit from anybody. She sang behind the metronome (beat) when everyone said she was too slow, her voice was too off. She didn't take shit from Joe Glaser (picture a real-life more intense, Al Pacino) who works for a guy named Al Capone. Yet when it came to her personal life, she somehow found herself gravitating towards scumbags who introduced her to heroin, BEAT her constantly, took her money and literally left her with 700$ in her pocket on her deathbead at a hospital.

When you examine a song like "strange Fruit" and you go through Billie Holiday's life, and the controversy that surrounded her time when she sang it, you really realize how real things really were. I never realized how intense this was until the other day in my music class. If she performed the song, she would've been dropped from Colombia Records, because no label wanted to be associated with a song that was "anti-lynching" at the time. Not to mention that she could've been killed by the massive amounts of KKKs that were roaming around the country at the time. So she went behind the label's back talked to the song owners which was a record store/company called Commodore Records. ...and just recorded it.


Billie Holiday is a phenomenal woman. She Pained out-loud the only way she knew how: through her songs, and that became the strange fruit of her artistry and you could tell from her songs. When she sang about social issue like domestic abuse, love, I don't think she did it to voice the voices of 90% of women who were being abused in american households daily at the time. She did it to express herself, to clear her head, to survive and to just I don't think she knew that it was going to awake a new demographic of quiet listeners.

“Writers are obliged, at some point, to realize that they are involved in a language that they must change,” James Baldwin

To follow Baldwin's quote, I would say anyone who can read and write need to realize how plausible.. how possible change can be. Being phenomenal doesn't mean to be perfect... but to me it's to use where you're at.. or your social position, no matter how high or how low, to do something or to say something about injustices, and society in general. ... who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to fully embody Maya Angelou's poem, and shout "phenomenal woman, that's me!".

Strange Fruit.


Update: Manifesto epicness and question marks... I can say much about it, other than you should`ve been there to have your ears experience an eargasm... Here are a few short videos I got to capture...

Black Thought & J. Period

Black Thought from yaz mat on Vimeo.

Black Thought delivered!!

The only thing that sucked is that because Jay Electronica decided to jump in the crowd and perform exhibit C in the crowd, and decided to roam there for the rest of the show, he stole a bit of Black Thought's thunder. Plus since they were running out of time, Black Thought came on the stage litterally seconds after he was done.... and started right away, and you could tell it was rushed (both Jay Electronica's and Black Thought's)... which was really unfortunate.

So it was an blatantly awkward transition... Straight up, I felt like it's like as if Manifesto's permit for the space was going to expire in a matter of seconds.

Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica @ Manifesto from yaz mat on Vimeo.

His performance was on point!

(But..I say question marks, because of Jay Electronica's comment about the humour he found in chocking women during sex right before I took this video, took me off-guard. I personally don't care about his sexual habits, it's none of my business... whatever floats your boat ..float with it.
But c'mon ... you're in public setting, and you're hunting for a laughing reaction from the crowd after you say something like that is no laughing matter... I think it`s scary to have men think it`s funny. He may not have implied it, but when he said that, I thought... RAPE. and Rape is no laughing matter. Period)

Besides that though, the Festival was EPIC. Everyone who stepped on stage, brought it. Emphasis on: Nomadic Massive (group that fused HipHop, Ra-ra (haitian carnival music), reggae, french and english) ... Saukrates, Rich Kidd, Eternia, D-Sisive, The poppers who were part of the audience, and got their chance to shine, the kid-breakers that were so adorable, the random guy that still had his future shop uniform w/ nametag on while popping, me getting sore after 10 minutes of trying to pop (I'm out of shape! lol), me missing dance, volunteering, meeting new people) Everything was all love. The crowd was all love.

1love Manifesto!! I can't wait for next year's!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lots of Lovin'

This week I've been SUPER busy. Caught up in some projects, some Manifesto, some getting my Nerd on at school, Absorbing it all. I'm in love... with where God has placed me. I can't believe the amount of goodness I was able to absorb this week. Though it wasn't all entirely gravy it was good.

For ONE and basically all... MANIFESTO. I can't stress it enough. I never got a chance to check out Manifesto before, and like I said a few posts ago, I decided to volunteer this year and get involved as a way to check it all out, and meet people, give back, feel more awkward and spread some lovin'.

I got my heart broken when I found out Bilal got a severe athsma attack and cancelled. And How I missed the "Made You Look" art show yesterday, Jean Grae and other manifesto things, for a variety of reasons, :( ... Not to mention that yesterday I got virtually slapped in the face with a class that demands an 80 page (group) paper that's due in 2 months!, in a class that I don't necessarily need to graduate, but I feel like I might need when I 'get out there'.

(sigh)... What to do.

But back to happier thoughts... The discussions, the information I've been gathering all week, from a combination of my classes, my meetings, overhearing conversations, and other critical dialog regarding the Youth, regarding urban arts, post-secondary, Michaelle Jean... I saw Hope then despair. First Hope because of what came out of each thing I heard, and the very fact that it was all about having a safe space to discuss concerns about Young people, this generation, and future generations, in Canada and elsewhere, the inclusion of young people in the political arena (voting, lowering tuition, ect..) ...Then Despair, because I know this discussion needs to be done on a wider scale... I kept thinking that there's no way I would ever get an opportunity to hear conversations like these, and ideas like these if I didn't have the guts to move out of Calgary, step out of my comfort zone and volunteer and support this initiative. This conversation has to continue beyond this week... and needs to be sparked everywhere.

... I dunno...

Among many of the conversations I had this week was the topic of change and taking action. I feel like whenever I address the topic of creating change, I quickly get overwhelmed. When I say change I mean social change regardless of scale. Whether it be through the small decision of speaking out when you see injustices... or pain out-loud... express the frustrations you have with higher authority, or your own behaviour, actions... or innactions. I don't consider myself to be a pessimistic person, but when I think of the world, and think of how it is, and the change that is necessary to make it better for us all, I sigh very heavily. lol... The idea of social change is very daunting to me.

Earlier I wrote a long essay about hip hop, and how it's not enough to produce change, and every time I read it, I remember having trouble formulating my thesis, because at the time though I believed that Hip Hop had everything to create change, in an academic setting I felt awkward expressing it, because I wanted to get an A, so I tweeked it and ended it, how I ended it. ... and I got an A. ... smh. Maybe this compromise is the problem.

We're all culprits of the system through our complicity. Like our subconscious is consciously walking around proud with a black strip over our eyes roaming.. Midnight marauding like a tribe of bandits.

Hip Hop is love. It's an artform and has its politics. But most of all it has to do with lots of Lovin' (Yes, I too hear Pete Rock & CL Smooth and because people listen, and that it's more than just music. Legendary Bambaataa called it a movement when it was in its infancy. I find it strange to call it music sometimes, when it's a fusion of people crying, screaming for help, dying, laughing, talking, joking, celebrating, cussing, showing off, dissing and much more... But maybe it's a beauty of it all.

If love is your movement.
Stand up. Love Hard. Stand Tall. Walk tall. Pain outloud. Say Something. Stand for something. and Be about it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jay Electronica

So I stumbled on this video.

Jay Electronica... ...oh... my.
I heard of him before. Thought he was dope... but I have NO IDEA why I didn't look beyond that. Then realized how he was the artist behind all these gems I heard through other artists who sampled him.

I first fell in love with exhibit C, then the Pledge, then Exhibit A, B.

>> Exhibit A/B/C - Jay Electronica <<

>> The Pledge (eternal sunshine) - Jay Electronica <<

And now I'm squealling for Manifesto. I even got a daypass just for that week. I refuse to miss this.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Single?

"Are You Single?" ... Am I asking you the question? or have I been asked the question?... the first? the ladder? both? who knows? >>let's talk about the question. One that I can sometimes read accross people's faces following lame pick-up lines... A status I find personal and perfer to keep to myself, and opt out of "flaunting it" or moreso inviting the world to pry into that part of myself ...on facebook or on this blog lol. A question I don't address often. Is it a lifestyle? lol.. *shrug* ... if so, then is there a right way to be so? or is it defined personally? ...

"Are You Single?":
A question I find personal, only when asked personally I will respond politely with an honest answer. A question when asked could bring up all the frustrations that come with being single... and being... not.. single.


I have no idea where I'm going with this post...

"Are you single?"
A question becomes generic when it is being asked by student loan application.

On a personal tip:
City lights have made me weary of everyone and every thing...and simultaneously caught up in my own grind...carving my own niche... and as random calls from my mother would often remind me. I'm in my "prime... and I should be scouting for a husband now!!!!! (emphasis implied)" ... lol.*sigh* ... so what to do? ... I find subtle ways to 'look' and take notes.. and/or 'I take a chance' then shake my head and eat ice cream as I take notes... and constantly still pray for patience, wisdom in the decisions I make... and ...Be. I guess. lol..
All in hopes to scout my future MVP ..most valuable person. :) lol

To Compromise or not to compromise? oftentimes becomes my dilema... but I don't settle. ...I tried. lol.. it didn't work.

"Are you Single":
I'm not about to address the "I'm independent, I don't need a man" ...thing.. that a few of us are on. ... but I will say this. ..I said it before and I will say it again. No person (man or woman or in-between) is an island... and we need people. we need each other.

"Are you Single?" --- a question that brings me a great deal of distress when it is asked sometimes lol.

Strange Fruit

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Once upon a time... transitioning.

Somewhere between paying my credit card, and gathering last minute things for my new room (sheets, curtains,carpet ect.) I fell into this state of mine. I've been taking pictures of myself, and my hair, to record this process of transitioning from relaxed hair to "natural". ...and in the process I'm learning to love myself. Some people might argue that I don't have to go "natural" to love myself... And I agree!.. but that's the way that suits me, therefore that's the route I chose. ...I chose it because to love myself in my "natural" state... is to love myself in my "simplest" ...minus the materialism I choose to clothe my body with.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm quite there, but I'm trying. I'm trying to love the fact that God gave me stubborn hair. God gave me THICK hair... Long legs. Teeth. brown eyes.. and a working heart. ...ALL of which I am VERY thankful for. ... I'm trying really hard, but believe me it's NOT easy. ...and the very fact that it's not easy is what's making me as furious as my hair, and more determined to make it to the end.

...I'm finding out a lot of awkward things about myself, both physically and in my personality, and I'm in the process of loving each and every single one...


... A process that I'm finding to be very much humbling. Almost like I'm being broken... and somewhat being child-like. To simply accept things as true without questioning them. Simple... statements like "I am not my hair" ... I am not my hair. I am not my hair. .... I am not my clothes. ... I simply am. I AM. ... in the words of the great Saul Williams I am a spirit encased in flesh and the frame God chose to embellish my soul is my body. ... and as time is going by each day, I'm learning to love it. I'm mad at the fact that it's a process because I've inherited a legacy of Neo-Colonialism/ Hyper-Consumerism/ Fast-Generation/Capitalism... This slaveship is a mental one. ... it's a problem. And I guess I'm addressing it.

...maybe that's what they meant when they said that "it's all mental".


On another tip. School starts tomorrow. Running my last lap for my undergrad... and God-willing finishing it up STRONG. ...Less Blogging (probably)... Less Facebook. More face time with my books. More library sleepovers. More knowledge. More anxiety. More debt (*sarcastic yaaay*)... Class of 2011. LET's GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh on another other tip. Tomorrow: Manifesto: ArtReach Youth Arts Pitch Contest + Live Artist Showcase. ArtReach Toronto, in partnership with Manifesto, City of Toronto Cultural Services and Toronto Community Housing presents the annual Pitch Contest. 9 lucky sbumissions will be chosen to pitch their ideas live. (apparently Michaelle Jean will be there!!.. one of her last appearances as GG.) ...It's an invite only event. ...feels pretty exclusive. Should be awesome :) ...Before you start thinking I'm awesome for being exclusive.. I didn't get invited either. lol.. But I do think I'm sorta-kinda awesome cuz I'm volunteering at it.... BOOOOOH-YAAAA!!

P.S. >>> I'm listening to J.Period & Spike Lee's & Micheal Jackson: "Man or the Music (40 Acres edition)" Mixtape right now, and so should you!! .... Click and Download. ...
...Yes. You're welcome :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is greater than the sun

Yesterday woke up to the sounds of 2 beautiful tracks. The first is Ron Isley feat. Lauryn Hill - Close to you.

Ron Isley "Close To You" (Ft. Lauryn Hill) by clutchmag

... The Second is John Legend & The Roots - Shine.
... (I could only find this live performance on youtube).

It's Getting Colder, Fall came witout giving me any kind of notice. It went straight to eviction. :( ... After grooving off that vibe... and listening to Zo! and Phonte's: "Greater than the Sun"...

I decided to post a scribble I scribbled not too long ago, about my love for the sun. lol.

What is Greater than the sun?
What is greater than the silent laughter of each beaming sunray on our backs
Almost as if to make a mockery of the struggle we make for ourselves

What is Greater than the smile of morning dew
and the chants of the wind as it dances with each leaf
so carefully so

nothing shines brighter than that

What shines brighter than this meticulous orchestra?
What is greater than the sun?
What is greater than leading the world's orchestra?
To let each part living to play their part

I am greatful for the sun,
I am greatful to bask in daw's beaming morning rays
Alsmost as if God understood the real meaning behind our dreams
...and rather than to awake us abruptly from our slumber chooses to embrace it.
Rephrase it and bring meaning to our days

I am greatful for the sun.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here a story... Hear their stories.

Homeless Emcee...


D-Nice Presents Soul Survivors: Bilal from D-Nice on Vimeo.

(one of the performers at Toronto's upcoming Manifesto festival)... If you didn't know... know you know :)

Pharoahe Monch

The Foreign Exchange

Voicing Voice is important... Art is important. It's important to hear stories. To remember people who you see on TV, online, in music, are just that. ...their people, no matter their fame, no matter their status. People are people, and we fail a good portion of the time. lol... and I think we are built flawed individually, which is why no man is an island. and We need each other. ...We need community.

I like to hear artists stories about their work. I'm sure it's one thing to do their artistry and get paid. ...but everyone knows that as soon as money comes in ... everything changes. So the compromise that often happens. ... I think to sacrifice artistry is to sacrifice yourself. If your art is real, then your artistry is at its utmost sincerity and ultimately you and therefore real. Then when you compromise its production and creation then you're ultimately compromising yourself, and so simultaneously destroying the artist and its artistry.
no sure if it makes sense.

but basically... just be real. Be authentic.

Amazing Weekend (part 3)


Competing poets final huddle before game time...


Lights get dimmed.


The judges are selected, by Dwayne Morgan. At one point he heads towards our table, asks us if we know any of the poets that are performing tonight. Since I knew most of the Ottawa poets, and my other friend David from Toronto, I get De---Nied. lol... and so do my new water and banana bread friends.

Prufrock spits his peace as the sacrificial poet... and audience members like myself who are not too too familiar with slams get a sense of how the competition will work out. All the poets compete and first round 10 get cut. 2nd round top 7 are selected. last round top 3 are announced. The judging from the scores Prufrock gets, gives me a sense that these judges might be a little hard to win over.

here we, here we go...

The range of poets that begin to bless the mic start performing. They perform pieces ranging from any and everything from Dark topics like Rape, to Hip-Hop, to black Struggle, to the love of blackberries, to womanhood. It is apparent from the first round that winning this will depend on 2 things. 1) the poet's expertise... 2) the Judges. Some of which even got booo-ed from the audience for some of their harsh scores. I could distinguish the newbies from the pros from their overall performance. I realize that for a good chunk of their scores seem to be 60% performance (whether its shown through personality, tone) and 40% content. Also if the content resonates in the heart of the audience and or the judges.

There were poets hailing from Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, some other places in the states.The show continues... lines get spit. Alot of which earn snaps... and OOOhing sounds from the audience. The amount of talent that was in the room was just ridiculous!! ...
It's one thing to read carefully crafted words on paper, by spoken word artists such as these, and it's a different thing to perform it, and breath life into those words. The realness where these words were birthed need to be on stage, when it comes alive... and I think that's what makes spoken word so beautiful. It's art.
I was inspired. awed and speechless. ... and soaked it all in like a sponge.

Results: I forgot the name of the winner lol.. but he's from the states and all I know was that it was well deserved! runner up: Ian, following him was Ikenna. Ottawa repped HAAARRRDDD.

It was strange for me have witnessed all of this. To witness what goes on off-stage and then see them rip it offf on stage.. and then talk to them afterwards. ...
lol.... I don't know... maybe somewhere in my head I didn't think they were human, like the words they spoke were so out of this world, that no normal human being would ever be able to craft vowels and consonants so strategically almost as if to paint images to the world using nothing but air... and voice. Proops to their creative genius.

It was a blessing to be part of it. To be there, to hear and feel all of it, and breath it in and be inspired.
I need to write more.

Amazing Weekend (part 2)

The next day, I wake up early, to meet up with Ian & Komi, Ikenna, PrufRock (most of which I had never met prior to my arrival) at Rideau Mall. On the drive there I get my only sense of what Ottawa seems like, and I got to see the parliament building for literally 5 seconds lol. ...but I was awed by its architecture nonetheless, and made a mental note to come back in get a fuller sense of the city.

I arrive at the mall, say my goodbyes to my cousins and uncle. And welcome and greet everyone. I will be completely and honest and admit, that though I was looking forward to bus ride because it cost me less than a greyhound ticket, and also because I knew Ian was 'cool peoples' and would assume everyone else would be too. After a bit of a wait, we finally get on our way. Ian names me the Dj of the ride... and so it begins.

I wasn't sure which track to start playing, or what they would all enjoy... I will admit I have songs, that may cause a "wtf" reaction after considering the different line-up of artists I have on my ipod (but it's my ipod and it's me, so I don't care, but still..) ...And since I never mastered the art of 1st impressions, I settle to start it off with The new track of: The Foreign Exchange: Maybe She'll Dream of me (see my past post). Everyone starts to nod their heads, I get asked where/how I got a hold of the track, and smile and giggle internally and think to myself: "this is going to be sooo coool!" lol.

What followed was alot of jokes, alot of in depth Hip Hop Talk, Music talk, Emcee talk, Playing then rewinding dope lines from dope tracks. And shaking our heads at the madness of the coherency. AAHH (of course Monster was one of the tracks!)... Everyone's ipod got a fair listen/head-bob during the ride. I was taking it in. So I was quiet.

During the car ride a reoccuring theme would come to be talking about the spoken word pieces that these poets had prepared. It was obvious from how they were talking that they had been doing this for a while. I felt very awkward being there, for many reasons. For one, I was the only female in the car, and my womanly-senses were tingling, second though I wrote pieces, had performed 3 times ever in my life... I was below the level of a newbie. I wasn't too sure how to react, or what to say, but I loved listening to every word. To paint you a picture it was as if these guys were sketching out their game plan, and working on their game faces before their official face offs. It reminded me of my High School Rugby Practice, My track&Field conditioning, and my dance practices. .... I was in awe. It was like heavyweights talking about taking a championship. Some real' heavy-hard-coreness. It felt as though I was a fly on the wall, in a boys locker room... I felt like I was intruding for just being there.. but I found it interesting, I took it all innn, it was almost like a preamble to prep me for what to expect from my first official slam experience.

I made the mistake of drinking sodium-infused no-name water prior to leaving Ottawa, a decision I came to regret, after I prayed we would make the next stop. Let's just say my bladder wasn't very impressed. ...oh did I mention neither were my legs, since I decided to wear shorts. was raining almost the WHOLE time I was in Ottawa, including on the ride back. ...thankfully the AC wasn't on blast, otherwise I would've died.


After some running around We get to Toronto, walk around the city and among the counteless jokes including a tired/angry Robin-looking Batman-street performer, and an undercover b-boy, we eat, and walk 20 blocks to the venue. lol.

We get there and see more than a few toronto familiar faces. A lot of which I've seen on Facebook. Meet some new cool peeps. For some reason, not sure if it's because of this water or not, but I felt incredibly thirsty and by the bar, I hunt for a pitcher of water. I find one, then proceed to grab a cup... only to realize after my first big gulp that it tasted like a cold mop, with Lysol and a hint of chlorine. A girl that was beside me witnesses this, and thus the start of a cool camaraderie.
I recover thanks to a bite from her banana bread, and a sealed bottle of water.. get seated and await the arrival of poets to bless the mic.
here we, here we, here we gooooo...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Amazing Weekend (part 1)

Last Tuesday, I had a spontaneous urge to go to Ottawa to see my cousins, and aunt, and thought that because it would be last free weekend before school starts up again. Though I was concern about it being a dent in my pocket, I knew that it also meant free Food!! and having fun with my cousins, so I went for it. Conveniently enough I also found out that Ian Keteku was going to be able to hook me up with a ride from Ottawa to Toronto because they were competing in UpFromTheRoots - The 8th Annual Toronto International Poetry Slam.

The night before I left my house, I went to future shop and set my eyes on Dr. Dre's Solo's a set of headphones I was meaning to own a while ago! So I went in to future shop and bought it. Then I got home, and proceeded to delete/sacrifice some of the tracks I had on my ipod, and put on some new ones. I added some Bruno Mars, Mayer Hawthorne, Fashawn, and a few random tracks by other artists (kanye, Kweli,The Roots ect.) ... I remember having all these things running through my head at that point... More specifically, because I had just come from a Manifesto meeting. An event I had been meaning to attend for a while now, but because I don't know people who would be interested in checking it out with me... I settled into my comfort zone, and didn't go. So this year rather than history repeating itself, I decided to get involved. :) ... and so far it seems like it's going to be one of the best decisions I could've ever made. *crossing my fingers* that it holds true as September rolls around.

Anyways, so I stack up my ipod, and pack the bare minimum, and catch my Z's. I wake up, run to catch the bus, and get lectured by the bus driver on how I should never run for the bus. I take the subway and get off and start walking only to realize that I had failed to check the weather, because it starts to rain, (something I later came to realize as a fail move on my part lol), I walk to the greyhound station with my cardigan covering my hair and my upper body, while my bare legs get blessed with every rain drop.

Upon my arrival in hopes of grabbing some food to ease my 5 hour bus ride, I go downstairs of the station, only to realize that by the time I go back upstairs, the line-up had quatrupled (Titi if you're reading this, I'm sure it sounds all too familiar). ...anyways, so I finally end up grabbing a seat, put on my headphones and try to sleep. I manage to sleep, but then wake up to the track Monster blasting on my iphone.

I need to pause and assess this track. The track caught me off-guard. More particularly Nikki's part. I was shocked. I've said it before that Nikki Minaj annoys me. This is entirely due to the fact that I miss Lauryn Hill. This track had the power to literally wake me up from my uncomfortable slumber, then re-listen to it for a solid 5 times before I moved on to the next track. like.... WHAT? ... kèèèèt.
The track was reckless and trop ridiiiicccuuullle... and all I could think of was Good Job Nikki. You've won my respect. (though I`m sure somewhere in my periphery I feel a tad bit uncomfortable with that statement lol).. but yeah. props.


So I get to Ottawa, After a short wait, I'm greeted by my aunt, who though glad to see me, stares at my hair with an odd and discusted look, and proceeds to touch it and ask me what`s going on with my hair. lol... gotta love fammmllaaay. lol... so I explain myself, and she shakes her head, I get annoyed, but shrug it off.
I get to the house, and I am welcomed with an embrace by my little cousins and my uncle. I did not realize how much I missed them until I got to hear their stories, and felt their hugs.

The next day, there was some talk about going go-karting, but that didn`t work out, and I just ended up helping out around the house, grocery shopping and finishing it off with some wine and dinner, and playing dominoes with All my cousins and my uncle!. ... Something that had become some kind of unspoken tradition, anytime we ever all got together. We played with our 30 piece domino set from Cuba... and cracked jokes all night long, while sipping on whine and krémas (Think of a more authentic, Haitian Hand-made version of Baileys before business decided to steal the recipe). It took me back. I felt love. I felt loved. and thankful. :)

Though it was the end my stay, I was so happy to be where I was. So happy to be in the presence of family. I went to bed, being completely clueless as to what was awaiting me the next day.

But knowing that moments like these I love... and remember that times like these are priceless.
Blessed Beyond Measure.