Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here a story... Hear their stories.

Homeless Emcee...


D-Nice Presents Soul Survivors: Bilal from D-Nice on Vimeo.

(one of the performers at Toronto's upcoming Manifesto festival)... If you didn't know... know you know :)

Pharoahe Monch

The Foreign Exchange

Voicing Voice is important... Art is important. It's important to hear stories. To remember people who you see on TV, online, in music, are just that. ...their people, no matter their fame, no matter their status. People are people, and we fail a good portion of the time. lol... and I think we are built flawed individually, which is why no man is an island. and We need each other. ...We need community.

I like to hear artists stories about their work. I'm sure it's one thing to do their artistry and get paid. ...but everyone knows that as soon as money comes in ... everything changes. So the compromise that often happens. ... I think to sacrifice artistry is to sacrifice yourself. If your art is real, then your artistry is at its utmost sincerity and ultimately you and therefore real. Then when you compromise its production and creation then you're ultimately compromising yourself, and so simultaneously destroying the artist and its artistry.
no sure if it makes sense.

but basically... just be real. Be authentic.


  1. Thanks Fa!! :) I love yours too but it hasn't been updated in a minute. ... hmm... I blame Time&Society?? lol


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