Thursday, September 30, 2010


Update: Manifesto epicness and question marks... I can say much about it, other than you should`ve been there to have your ears experience an eargasm... Here are a few short videos I got to capture...

Black Thought & J. Period

Black Thought from yaz mat on Vimeo.

Black Thought delivered!!

The only thing that sucked is that because Jay Electronica decided to jump in the crowd and perform exhibit C in the crowd, and decided to roam there for the rest of the show, he stole a bit of Black Thought's thunder. Plus since they were running out of time, Black Thought came on the stage litterally seconds after he was done.... and started right away, and you could tell it was rushed (both Jay Electronica's and Black Thought's)... which was really unfortunate.

So it was an blatantly awkward transition... Straight up, I felt like it's like as if Manifesto's permit for the space was going to expire in a matter of seconds.

Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica @ Manifesto from yaz mat on Vimeo.

His performance was on point!

(But..I say question marks, because of Jay Electronica's comment about the humour he found in chocking women during sex right before I took this video, took me off-guard. I personally don't care about his sexual habits, it's none of my business... whatever floats your boat ..float with it.
But c'mon ... you're in public setting, and you're hunting for a laughing reaction from the crowd after you say something like that is no laughing matter... I think it`s scary to have men think it`s funny. He may not have implied it, but when he said that, I thought... RAPE. and Rape is no laughing matter. Period)

Besides that though, the Festival was EPIC. Everyone who stepped on stage, brought it. Emphasis on: Nomadic Massive (group that fused HipHop, Ra-ra (haitian carnival music), reggae, french and english) ... Saukrates, Rich Kidd, Eternia, D-Sisive, The poppers who were part of the audience, and got their chance to shine, the kid-breakers that were so adorable, the random guy that still had his future shop uniform w/ nametag on while popping, me getting sore after 10 minutes of trying to pop (I'm out of shape! lol), me missing dance, volunteering, meeting new people) Everything was all love. The crowd was all love.

1love Manifesto!! I can't wait for next year's!!

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