Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is greater than the sun

Yesterday woke up to the sounds of 2 beautiful tracks. The first is Ron Isley feat. Lauryn Hill - Close to you.

Ron Isley "Close To You" (Ft. Lauryn Hill) by clutchmag

... The Second is John Legend & The Roots - Shine.
... (I could only find this live performance on youtube).

It's Getting Colder, Fall came witout giving me any kind of notice. It went straight to eviction. :( ... After grooving off that vibe... and listening to Zo! and Phonte's: "Greater than the Sun"...

I decided to post a scribble I scribbled not too long ago, about my love for the sun. lol.

What is Greater than the sun?
What is greater than the silent laughter of each beaming sunray on our backs
Almost as if to make a mockery of the struggle we make for ourselves

What is Greater than the smile of morning dew
and the chants of the wind as it dances with each leaf
so carefully so

nothing shines brighter than that

What shines brighter than this meticulous orchestra?
What is greater than the sun?
What is greater than leading the world's orchestra?
To let each part living to play their part

I am greatful for the sun,
I am greatful to bask in daw's beaming morning rays
Alsmost as if God understood the real meaning behind our dreams
...and rather than to awake us abruptly from our slumber chooses to embrace it.
Rephrase it and bring meaning to our days

I am greatful for the sun.

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