Friday, April 30, 2010

Ever have those days

Good Morning world,
I actually woke up early today and went for a morning walk (I never do that lol... I sleep in as much as I can)... ever have those days were the sound of a chill-mellow breakbeat and the sound of the sax and a cool hint of soulful hook to blend it in just right ... like a milshake?? lol
no just me?? anyway, check out this cat. >> Mr. J. Medeiros ... I love everything about his tracks... I heard the track: constance first... check out the video

Amelie is a lighter track lol... I love it... it fills my mental cup of coffee. (speaking of which, I've never been a coffee drinker but lately I've been jumping on the bandwagon lol... I like my coffee dark since I recently found out that I'm slightly lactose intolerant...)... its featuring a verse from Mos Def's Ms. Fat Booty (Black on Both sides) anyway... enjoy world.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

maybe she's a superstar who likes to dream

it's been a while...

hey world,
what's new with me? ... alot I guess since last time I've shared my thoughts...
1. I've started transitioning my hair. For readers who don't understand what I mean by that, I'm letting my natural beautiful naps ... I was INCREDIBLY tempted to do the 'big chop' when I was done my exams, and rock it amber rose style, but then... I backed out... maybe out of fear of being unemployable in the summer... but I found this salon in Toronto that can assist me with the transitioning. When I walked into the salon (it's called SoulCuts, you can google it they have a website) it was co-incidently a day where most of their clients and staff who wore their hair natural (with no chemical relaxer) were all there. I was waiting to be seated, and apparently this girl whose hair reached 2-3 inches past her shoulders (after it was blowdried, from it's tight coils) was getting her hair pressed... let's just say that by the end of it, she walked out of the chair looking like she just got a relaxer and a weave... but the girl's hair was 150% natural.
yes... I was SHOCKED. and amazed, and excited!... I was thinking: "that's gonna be me a year from now God willing!" .. and the salon's owner even said something along the lines of: "you have really healthy hair, if you give us 1 year with your hair, and you'll see" ...
so YES ... I'm excited :)

As spring is approaching... so is my renewed love for the sun, shorts, and summer breezes, and fresh faced, neutral colored clothes hinting for Summer's colours ...
AAAHHH!! ... <3 <3 <3

Music wise
TOOOOOO many updates... let's just say I'll leave you with this pic I came across a little while back it expresses exactly how I feel about the vibes I've been feeling lately. My iphone (which may turn into a blackberry 9700 soon) and ipod are going to be very happy very very soon!