Monday, September 6, 2010

Amazing Weekend (part 1)

Last Tuesday, I had a spontaneous urge to go to Ottawa to see my cousins, and aunt, and thought that because it would be last free weekend before school starts up again. Though I was concern about it being a dent in my pocket, I knew that it also meant free Food!! and having fun with my cousins, so I went for it. Conveniently enough I also found out that Ian Keteku was going to be able to hook me up with a ride from Ottawa to Toronto because they were competing in UpFromTheRoots - The 8th Annual Toronto International Poetry Slam.

The night before I left my house, I went to future shop and set my eyes on Dr. Dre's Solo's a set of headphones I was meaning to own a while ago! So I went in to future shop and bought it. Then I got home, and proceeded to delete/sacrifice some of the tracks I had on my ipod, and put on some new ones. I added some Bruno Mars, Mayer Hawthorne, Fashawn, and a few random tracks by other artists (kanye, Kweli,The Roots ect.) ... I remember having all these things running through my head at that point... More specifically, because I had just come from a Manifesto meeting. An event I had been meaning to attend for a while now, but because I don't know people who would be interested in checking it out with me... I settled into my comfort zone, and didn't go. So this year rather than history repeating itself, I decided to get involved. :) ... and so far it seems like it's going to be one of the best decisions I could've ever made. *crossing my fingers* that it holds true as September rolls around.

Anyways, so I stack up my ipod, and pack the bare minimum, and catch my Z's. I wake up, run to catch the bus, and get lectured by the bus driver on how I should never run for the bus. I take the subway and get off and start walking only to realize that I had failed to check the weather, because it starts to rain, (something I later came to realize as a fail move on my part lol), I walk to the greyhound station with my cardigan covering my hair and my upper body, while my bare legs get blessed with every rain drop.

Upon my arrival in hopes of grabbing some food to ease my 5 hour bus ride, I go downstairs of the station, only to realize that by the time I go back upstairs, the line-up had quatrupled (Titi if you're reading this, I'm sure it sounds all too familiar). ...anyways, so I finally end up grabbing a seat, put on my headphones and try to sleep. I manage to sleep, but then wake up to the track Monster blasting on my iphone.

I need to pause and assess this track. The track caught me off-guard. More particularly Nikki's part. I was shocked. I've said it before that Nikki Minaj annoys me. This is entirely due to the fact that I miss Lauryn Hill. This track had the power to literally wake me up from my uncomfortable slumber, then re-listen to it for a solid 5 times before I moved on to the next track. like.... WHAT? ... kèèèèt.
The track was reckless and trop ridiiiicccuuullle... and all I could think of was Good Job Nikki. You've won my respect. (though I`m sure somewhere in my periphery I feel a tad bit uncomfortable with that statement lol).. but yeah. props.


So I get to Ottawa, After a short wait, I'm greeted by my aunt, who though glad to see me, stares at my hair with an odd and discusted look, and proceeds to touch it and ask me what`s going on with my hair. lol... gotta love fammmllaaay. lol... so I explain myself, and she shakes her head, I get annoyed, but shrug it off.
I get to the house, and I am welcomed with an embrace by my little cousins and my uncle. I did not realize how much I missed them until I got to hear their stories, and felt their hugs.

The next day, there was some talk about going go-karting, but that didn`t work out, and I just ended up helping out around the house, grocery shopping and finishing it off with some wine and dinner, and playing dominoes with All my cousins and my uncle!. ... Something that had become some kind of unspoken tradition, anytime we ever all got together. We played with our 30 piece domino set from Cuba... and cracked jokes all night long, while sipping on whine and krémas (Think of a more authentic, Haitian Hand-made version of Baileys before business decided to steal the recipe). It took me back. I felt love. I felt loved. and thankful. :)

Though it was the end my stay, I was so happy to be where I was. So happy to be in the presence of family. I went to bed, being completely clueless as to what was awaiting me the next day.

But knowing that moments like these I love... and remember that times like these are priceless.
Blessed Beyond Measure.

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