Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Single?

"Are You Single?" ... Am I asking you the question? or have I been asked the question?... the first? the ladder? both? who knows? >>let's talk about the question. One that I can sometimes read accross people's faces following lame pick-up lines... A status I find personal and perfer to keep to myself, and opt out of "flaunting it" or moreso inviting the world to pry into that part of myself ...on facebook or on this blog lol. A question I don't address often. Is it a lifestyle? lol.. *shrug* ... if so, then is there a right way to be so? or is it defined personally? ...

"Are You Single?":
A question I find personal, only when asked personally I will respond politely with an honest answer. A question when asked could bring up all the frustrations that come with being single... and being... not.. single.


I have no idea where I'm going with this post...

"Are you single?"
A question becomes generic when it is being asked by student loan application.

On a personal tip:
City lights have made me weary of everyone and every thing...and simultaneously caught up in my own grind...carving my own niche... and as random calls from my mother would often remind me. I'm in my "prime... and I should be scouting for a husband now!!!!! (emphasis implied)" ... lol.*sigh* ... so what to do? ... I find subtle ways to 'look' and take notes.. and/or 'I take a chance' then shake my head and eat ice cream as I take notes... and constantly still pray for patience, wisdom in the decisions I make... and ...Be. I guess. lol..
All in hopes to scout my future MVP ..most valuable person. :) lol

To Compromise or not to compromise? oftentimes becomes my dilema... but I don't settle. ...I tried. lol.. it didn't work.

"Are you Single":
I'm not about to address the "I'm independent, I don't need a man" ...thing.. that a few of us are on. ... but I will say this. ..I said it before and I will say it again. No person (man or woman or in-between) is an island... and we need people. we need each other.

"Are you Single?" --- a question that brings me a great deal of distress when it is asked sometimes lol.

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