Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time has been good to me... (so far)

Time. ... It's been a while since I've fully shared a solid piece up on this joint. lol.. so since I've now welcomed a beautiful T3i into my life, thought I'd share a few pictures of what I've been up to... so mostly just food. Family. I'd try to be deep and say something abstract like the clock signifies the monotony of my 9to5... (half made that up just now lol)  and the rest is family and food. 2 of my greatest loves. lol

Time has been good to me............ 


  1. You really should keep sharing, not tumblr(ing). I love reading blogs,especially yours. Perhaps my love for blogs is because I am a creeper like that;but, it allows me to understand people. It is more intimiate than tumblr(ing), although it has a bit of a blog vibe. I have resently stopped tumblr(ing). It just does not statify my sadden me to know that u have become more of a tumblr(er). I love reading you thoughts, as strange as it is

    1. just read this. ... <3 .. thank you. it means a lot. I've recently removed myself a little bit more from the interweb (facebook/twitter included) because of life. There's something about living outside of my laptop that's been making me hard at thought... and I have a million and one things i want to write about. ... and will share soon. just currently hunting for a better medium.

      you'll hear from me soon I promise. :)
      Thank you anonymous. (reading this inspires me.. and it helps).


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