Tuesday, April 3, 2012

newsboy caps and stretched afros

I look suspicious.. lol.. for no reason. Disclaimer, I look like I'm smiling but at the time of this picture I was struggling semi-heavily with a wisdom tooth infection lol.. half my mouth is swollen. 

I haven't posted an updated pic of my hair, and its many stories, thought I'd share a pic or two.. that spoke short stories and such. I tend to play a lot with the front of my hair the most. I like updos for work, and when it rains or it's cold out.

Bouffon in the front ...

away from my face ...


pinned in the front, in random ways ... or not..

...Massive braid in the front... (which apparently according to a friend is my signature 'look')

or a quiet favorite... a newsboy cap! :)

(I would've smiled in this pic, but then... the mouth problems lol)... I haven't seen a lot of women rock the newsboy cap in a LONG time. ... I have a big head. big hair or not.. finding a hat has always been issue for me lol. When I was a teenager, when Pharell's frontin' video came out... 

I went on a hardcore hunt for a 'trucker hat'. I couldn't find a single store in Calgary that had a trucker hat that fit me. Until I went to leChateau. I discovered that that store was the only store that had hats that fit me lol,... and found an orange trucker hat!  ... why was I so hardcore on finding a trucker hat?...why you ask? ... well aside from the fact that Pharell is ridiculously goodlooking & awesome (i think my schoolgirl crush started when I saw this video), at 13ish I wanted to be the girl in the video lol. ...plain and simple. So I bought it. AND Rocked the hell out of it. (..I think lol).

... I've come a long way, from wanting to be like the girl on tv. lol. thankfully. I blame my upbringing and nerdy introverted ways. *high five*.

But hands up if you support newsboy cap hats making a comeback

*hands up in the aayyuurr*


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