Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Class of 2011.. Convocation

I am officially a University Graduate. ...I've been meaning to write about it for some time but I've been incredibly busy with everything... Internship/hustle/personal things ect.. To sum it up in simple terms, it was more than a blessing. On the speicific day of my convocation, my dad came straight from an airplane from my twin sister's grad (the day before) to mine. ...Barely got a chance to breath/rest let alone eat. But he was there. ... he was there for the first time in a VERY long time... So was my little sister. I would've loved to have my twin or either/both of my brothers my aunts and cousins, there but they couldn't for a variety of reasons.

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This post is going to seem like some sort of acceptance speech.... But I don't even care. lol. I would like to thank the academy... I would not be there if it wasn't for the continuous support and love of my family. If it wasn't for their struggle, for our struggle, our mizè... the many ways my parents sought to discipline me while growing up. The arguments.. the teenage-hormone-infused rebutals...the bullying... the tears... the lunch hours spent at the library all throughout high school... the eating lunch alone in the cafeteria in junior high a couple times (lol)... the on and off honor roll throughout my entire education lol... EVERYTHING led me to this moment.

If only the speech DURING my convocation was as inspiring as the culminating legacy of my family's stories. ...As inspiring and giant as the stance of the man with the french creole accent... the one I call my dad. I wish it was as inspiring and soft as my mother's ways with all the 5 children she gave birth to who are all still breathing today... and countless hundreds of people she continually cares for in her workspace and her life... How can a story like this one not elevate you, even in the slightest.... Maybe it's because I watched too many movies, documentaries, TEDx speeches w/ cool convocation scenes ... or maybe it's because I paid sooo much damn tuition and expected 'too much' (call me crazy!?!?) ... but I expected more, and somehow still wasn't too surprised of the outcome.

..Being a nerd ain't so bad though :) Admittedly I fell asleep on numerous occasions during some of the speeches. ...I remember regretting leaving my phone in my bag. I also remember wishing that the convocation speech was more about the future of the graduates than the achievement of YorkU as an institution... but *shrug*... they say you can't have it all. lol..

I am loved. I am a breathing testimony of the teaching of my parents... the teaching of people around me... teaching of my 22 years old of living. ... teaching of my epic failures and of course God's life lessons (the ultimate teacher). A lot of people kept saying how proud they were/are of me...and it's really quite overwhelming. ...and to be honest I try not to think about what I do as much as I do focus on just doing what I do. I once ran into this quote: "One day I started to work hard and just forgot to stop" (shad?). ... I think that's sort of how I go about my doings... It's kinda cool though, when I stop and think about what I've accomplished so far, and this good funny feeling I have about what I'm going to be doing in the future even if a good portion of that is a big blurr. lol... I'm sure that it's good.... But in the words of a good friend: "Advocate for yourself because no one else will do it for you" - @shanonahash

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