Monday, September 12, 2011

Shake The Dust (doc)

Shake the Dust / The Making Of from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.

Ran into this mini-doc preview. Looks awesome.... Right now I'm less than a week away from Manifesto... and the office is crazy. My personal life is a little bonkers. Preparing to go abroad.. Trying to stack my little bits and pieces of pesos... Trying to have meaningful conversations with people to brew some ideas and write some shit. lol... and really make it legendary.

But I think the best part out of this whole thing is that I'm doing what I love.. in every way. and Somehow I've managed to do exactly what I wanted to do. I spent my saturday with a friend we walked everywhere laughed at our quiet yet loud state of singleness while walking along the waterfront lol.. (#loafofbread) ...goals, drives ambitions & purpose. It was dope. ... then we ended it off with ice cream by little Italy. 

I love the vibe and the approach of this doc because it explores communities that I don't think have been approached in terms of hiphop and youth within their culture. ..Well at least in terms of what is presented in the Media. ...Yemen, Haiti, Kampala.. :) ... #yes. One day, I sincerely hope that I'll be able to do something like this... not a hiphop doc but rather a documentary that's well rounded and shows something that hasn't really been shown before. I have a map of ideas that I want to explore through film and social media. I've shared this idea with a selected few and I blessed to have witnessed excitement in their faces and smiles when they heard my idea. ...I just hope that it happens. lol.. I hope that I somehow find the time, financial means and network to make it happen though... (In God's name I pray.... amen lol)

#highfive for creativity
#highfive for spreading love through HipHop. 

Peace & Love.

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