Thursday, January 26, 2012

Someone tell me how..


I've been typing words and backspacing.

Pacing back and forth in fingertips of my typography and also in thought. I'm unsure what to write about. I want to ask if someone could tell me how we're suppose to fight for our dreams. ... Where is the will to fight for aspirations that deposit themselves on our hearts, when our means is depleting from either working a 9-5 which for some (like myself) only deposits enough into our bank accounts to pay for, our barely modest livelihoods... or we're trying to steer ourselves forward in a mass of grey haze that resembles our purpose in that... it somehow just feels right even if you can't see anything.


(meanwhile, somewhere... )
Our heart is vaccant while our brain is frying in the repetition of static and sometimes teadious BS routinery

... Also somehow in the left corner of my thoughts I've also been thinking about Love.. and the art of loving. I don't necessarily mean it in terms of loving another human being but rather the love of exercising our selves wholly. ... exercising our purpose.  Whatever it may be.

I'm struggling right now. I feel stuck.
Transitioning periods are part of life, so everyone keeps telling me. ... but it doesn't make it any easier.

Thinking over it...
 Bilal-Think It Over (acoustic) by okayplayer

And so every night I sleep late. ...wake up tired. Go to work. ...get home cook, do stuff (if I have the energy).. talk. and repeat. ...

Surely this has to be temporary.

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