Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I've relocated to wordpress

If anyone still checks this blog for new posts, needless to say I have given up on it lol..
I've relocated to:

.... trust me it's for the better. 
But for anyone who still every now and then would find themselves on this site and wonder where I am or any remotely warm genuine thoughts/concern about my whereabouts. Know that it was appreciated. I was obviously on some hard-core hiatus. Life happened. Then I said screw it, I loved this shit, it made me happy... grind it out. write till you drop baby yeaaaahh!!! or at least find cool shit online that make you happy and share it with the interweb *insert awkward guido fist-pum*... 


anyway, thank you if you still get these notifications.
Thank you to all my anonymous followers, random visitors, friends and mostly all randoms lol.. 
I'm back..

With love,


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