Friday, May 18, 2012

if you must know

Well if you must know,
A good day for me starts with warm sheets... sunlight and soft music at waking
Enough peace of mind to reflect on my self, God.. and what the day will bring by the folding of my knees in a stretched prayer.
It is followed by good food...marinated in silence or in conversation.

If you must know...

A good day includes hearing stories from welcoming strangers and familiar faces... or from pages of books written by the gifted.
It also includes creativity in one form or another.
It involves wander in the form of walking or bike rides
It involves enough warmth to make my melanin glisten and enough breeze to cool a possible sweat from my brow, and a dance from my crown.
Throughout it all there is a mixture of (jazz, soul, acoustics, hip hop... kissing my earbuds) in mp3 format or just background noise.

A good day MUST include laughter. ... and that’s non-negotiable.


It must include peace and it must include warm company.

(how does it end?)
A good day ends with a snuggie. or something like it. 


It involves laughter maybe from watching old-reruns of favourite shows ... or streaming community, 30rock, The New Girl, How I met your mother, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, America’s Next Top Model...don't judge me lol... involves, laughing or crying upon hearing the story relating or not relating to the characters... but following the story... and understanding it. ... However deep.. however shallow.

I guess in truth it ends how it started. In reflection.. In warmth... in silence or in conversation.

Some days I wish it would end with a forehead kiss from him. Some days I don’t think about it... other days, my body chooses to close my eyes instead of my thoughts.., or vice-versa... and so somehow I ... sleep.

Some days are better than others.

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