Thursday, May 10, 2012

Willow trees, Harbourfront, bluest skyed sundays

Last sunday I spent some time to myself. It was a sunny day that started with a prayer or two.. some silence... some tears... some writing and LOTS of walking. It was needed. I decided to take my dslr along for my stroll..

There's always something about sitting by a large body of water... howerver calm.. however busy.. howerver quiet. There's something about it that brings me peace. It makes me feel reflective. It centers me. ... I hope one day when I get old, I am privileged enough to have a home by a body of water... or at least find a way to bottle the effects of what it does to my spirit and carry that with me all days through my old age. ... lol. I think about this often.

Willow ... weep for me. 

Willow trees make me think of old age. lol. old memories.. and Pocahontas (real talk lol). I think it's because of how it hangs. sagging limbs.. sagging a hunchback-like stance. it reminds me of old mothers.. 
it reminds me of wisdom acquired in due time. .... (strange)

Sometimes I forget that Toronto actually has an airport downtown. ...

My favourite thing about the picture above and the one below is the reflection of the surroundings from the monument. ... I'm not sure why. I find it so interesting ... and beautiful! lol.

Old jeans.

I can't remember the last time I rollerbladed. lol..

yes. you are seeing a mini sand area. You can pretend to be on a beach. lol... and "tan" if you're into that.

I often think that people that live in the city are not aware or fully taking in, what's available in their city. I mean I can say a little bit of the same about Calgary (until I moved away, I didn't really appreciate it as much as I think I should've) . This city (Toronto) is spoiled when it comes to scenery like this being accessible downtown.. in terms of having "arts & culture" hubs throughout it (although, they are very much under a lot of thread due to crumbling funding structures of the non-profit sector) ... it is spoiled. .. It is ugly .. it's beautiful .. not sure if I'm over it. lol.. maybe I am.. maybe not. I'm still thankful I'm here though.

One day I'll find home. I don't think it's here ... yet.

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