Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the Rain...

I've come to really appreciate photography. I love it because sometimes I think what can be captured in a lens is more beautiful than what I see. I mean it both in the litteral sense because I wear glasses... but also figuratively because photography has a way to capture feelings, and frame it as art.... I think that's powerful.

It's raining today. I think the sun was tired of shinning for so long, and now it's crying lol. I like rain. I prefer warm Caribbean rain instead of Canadian cold rain... because I'm an island child. I like heat...I feel very mellow, so mellow that all I did today was read, be lazy have tea and cookies... I like the smell of outside after it rains. I always think it smells like the Ozone layer from the thunder. Here's a beautiful gem that I found by an artist named Hope. ... and it just so happen to talk about rain lol.

Lessons learned in the rain?

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