Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shad's TSOL

I ♥ Shad. From the first time I heard his single "brother watching" ... I've been LISTENING. From his first album The Old Prince, to his second one: When this is Over, to his latest release: TSOL ... I own it all.

I remember counting down the days until his album would be released. Even though I was lucky enough to have heard his full album on his blog, prior to the album's official release, my anticipation was the same. A friend asked me to give him my review of the album after I give it a thorough listen. I usually don't like to give a review of any sort of album until I fully listen to it more than 4 times each track (preferably consecutively) to give a full and concrete feedback.

I take in listening to album. I mean I REALLY take it in. I open the album CD case, I put the album on my itunes, and as I press play I start going through the booklet... taking in every thing from the album art, to possible lyrics and thank yous from the artist themselves.
so when my friend asked me about my thoughts about what I thought of TSOL this is what I told him.

TSOL = LOST (backwards)
I ♥ TSOL because..

With every listen, the tracks, the blending of his delivery, naassttyy often quirky, fun, witty, honest and truthful, and ...just straight up his simplicity... and the beats, the instrumentals... the album art, the fact that I actually feel like it reflects the feel of the lyrics and sense of the album, the booklet lol... how it has all the lyrics on there, I appreciate it lol
♥ ♥ ... I find it truly REFRESHING.

I find the meaning of LOST being spelled backwards explained in every track... TSOL...From the album, from the very first track, which starts off kind of slow at first and is conglomeration of different sounds... to the lyrical content of it all. I think I understand it, because I can REALLY relate to what he's saying. I find it clever that when you look at the album art... the background of it is kind of somber and dark/cloudy/moody... which in my opinion is a reflection of the world... and how cold it is.. how lost we can be oftentimes... yet the choice of the colours to outline TSOL are lighter and prettier, brighter, happier. It's kind of a "beautiful struggle".
I also love the fact that when you place the album in front of a mirror, you don't have to wreck your brain trying to figure out what TSOL means... it's easier to read LOST. I think it's a reflection (literally) of all of us. Humans in general. We... well I don't know about everyone. but I know I feel lost a good 90% of my life so far. lost in relationships/dating. lost in purpose. and how to get there. wherever there is. lol.


Makes sense? ...lol

My favourites off of TSOL: Lucky 1's, Rose garden, Listen, At the Same time

... anyway... Give it a listen, if you like... spread the love and SUPPORT!

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