Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maybe my alter-ego is an emcee

Rose Garden (remix)
Oh snap Bee. it's Shad featuring Von Pea ... gasp if you will it also features DonWill....OOOOOHHHHH... (it rhymed!! lol)
*yes I consciously tried to make it rhyme and thought it was cool*

Shad: "Rose Garden" (Remix) f. Von Pea & Donwill (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag
*high five for awesomeness*

On another note. What's this? Chiddy Bang produced by Tip?? ... When I saw this track, I thought he was going to be spitting a verse on it, but I was wrong but then on my 2nd listen I realized that he was singing on the hook... it's interesting.

Chiddy Bang featuring Q-Tip - Here We Go by Hypetrak

Maybe my alterego is an emcee. lol..
And I spit hot fire like dylan on chapelle's skit... Seriously, I've been on this thought for some time now, and I thought I'd share it. I lack the ability to be witty or to deliver punch lines in real life, or to breakdance to save my life but in my head, there are no limits. I own it, and that is all. I'm Marsha from Floetry mixed with Lauryn, and I have a wicked life. And NOBODY, and I really mean NOBODY can't tell me different. I can win battle ciphers, like Jin and or eminem, and I get respect from all my peers lol... I can pop and lock, and moonwalk like....... (hand wiggle) ... chhyyeeaaah.
I have no haters. just... lovers. cchhhyyyeeeaaahhh 'son...

pfft you thought Sasha fierce was cool.
sigh... yes, I'm pretty cool in my head.

OOOH check this...

TheTemptations feat. Amaze - My Girl [Phaze_5 Re-Rub] by PhaZe_5

Who's bad???
*b-girl stance*
...*brings back the crip walk*

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