Friday, April 29, 2011

p'tite soeur

[Random epiphany: I have as many girly shoes as I have sneakers... My friend lists are 50% men, 50% I realized this a few days ago. lol... I think it's sort of cool. This could mean that I'm either growing up or that I've reached some sort of balance.... either way I'm rolling it out.]

The other day, I managed to write something solid. I was inspired after listening to a spoken word piece by liza gara on Atmosphere's mixtape: "change of atmosphere"... :) ... (this song just does something to me)... Considering the fact that I've been feeling sort of home-sick for the past little bit, it's been nice to have my little sister around to talk to... walk around the city and be cute lol.

(in honour of my little sister coming to visit me, I had to post up this gem ^^)

Since I'm sort of waiting for life to kick-in full gear... I was thinking I should take the time to practice what I like. Writing and sketching and blogging... I can only write when I'm inspired... so I'll be looking for inspiration and be up in this more often.

I think in the midst of my hustle to finish school, I grew accustomed to early mornings. I wouldn't push it and say that I am now officially a morning person, but there's something really cool about being able to wake up early stretch, workout, meditate, pray, think, write... when no one else is up yet... give your spirit breakfast... let go of unwanted things in your mind, and feed your mind with good thoughts. ... I've been noticing that I feel more self-aware and my body feels good for the whole day... lol. So that's sorta cool.

A Conversation With: Asiyami Gold from Tamarcus Brown on Vimeo.

oh... and random love shout to anyone reading this... or the random souls around the world who care enough to bookmark/favourite/share/follow my strange fruit .... &read my ideas lol...(I see you)... Be a blessing to someone today/tonight :)

(strange fruit)

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