Monday, May 9, 2011

less babbling

What inspires you? it's people. People's stories random, honest, raw and real stories inspire me. This week was full of happenings hence why I thought I should post something. When nothing is happening... nothing is posted lol. I checked out a series of different documentaries this week at the hotdocs festival in Toronto... and it got me thinking of the art of story-telling and the importance of it. When I say that, I mean the importance of voicing silenced voices. I found myself gravitating towards movies that involved people of colour lol. There were a number of documentaries that I checked out that dealt with race and race relations. ... which were directed by non-coloured people. Which I have nothing against, but I was bothered by it.

People of Colour, among many other things that we need to start doing, we really need to start documenting and voicing our stories. Nothing in the media represents me. ... I can't think of a single character in a sitcom or series that closely resembles my way of being, or thinking. And to me that in itself is problematic. ... and so I came out of last week with an itch to start a little something on the side. ...I won't reveal what it is yet, but I've already started talking to people about this idea, and knowing me, I am gonna get it done or at least discuss it with as many trustworthy family as I'm actualizing this idea. less babbling... more actualizing.

So in the midst of everything, I found myself with a question, that I will try to explore in conversations with people:

"how do you wear your self? ...and why?"

I'm going to try to ask a few people around me and see how they respond. Maybe document their responses and go from there. ....this should be interesting lol.


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