Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ideas have momentum

Have you ever lost then found yourself in the mommentum of an idea...alone in the vastness of a big white room. Closing your eyes to see slain dreams flashback like the darken line of a flashing cursor...darkened and alone in the vastness of an empty white screen and flashing cursor... to remind you that you just might be crazy. Somewhere between watching the last two episodes of Oprah, and going to see Maya Angelou speak I found myself at the cusp of an idea. One that I jotted down several times over on posted notes on my desk as well as in my sketchbooks, blog and all ...prior to this weekend... but found itself to be more persistent after I listened to both of these women talk.

I am in awe of Oprah&Maya Angelou, and admire their tenacity to Be their most self. Lately I've been slow at actualizing this monumental idea that came into my conscious. lol... mostly because of the multi-layered and complexity yet simplicity of the question: "How does the African (Carribbean included) Diaspora wear itself". ... socially, physically, mentally... and how and why.

"To Be" is a concept that seems to be complex when you don't know where your home is... Or rather when you call several places your home but they deny any full claim to you... socially and legally (citizenship ect.)... because you wear your self 'othered' ... both by choice and by default. ...It's a strange kind of dance... where we're compromising traditions and values (willingly and forcefully) according to the different spaces we occupy. ... What's most peculiar about it I would say is that we consciously and unconsciously do this while it shapes our identities and our very own perception of ourselves. ...Strangely we do it to adapt... and 'blend' in and between dress codes and beauty standards... yet are labelled "visible minorities". (lol)..

Strange Fruit.

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