Thursday, May 19, 2011

note-to-self: read books

I forgot I loved to read. In the midst of my post-secondary miseducation I forgot that I loved to read. Last saturday, after waking up to a 3 hour nap I accidentally took, I watched a movie (Do the right thing), cooked a meal, then curled up under blankets and pillows and continued reading this book I started a few weeks ago. Rainning outside, filled belly, lightly lit room .... :)

No More feat. Marinda by MilesJones

In the midst of forcing to read ideas and theories by scholars, I forgot that there are stories by people... written in books, that are actually interesting. I forgot that it' s actually fun to loose myself in these stories and the imagined faces behind the characters and understand the logic of some actions that have no relevance to me. I just started this one, and I'm already thinking of looking for what my next book is going to be! :)

Rainy mornings are pregnant with untold stories... of lives lived and imagined... expecting. Coyed in books with mysterious covers, waiting to be read and fill your minds with ideas. I'm getting all poeticnshit cuz I really forgot how much I enjoyed reading (lol). There's nothing like having the right sort of background noise to contrast the mood of these ideas when they land on your conscious. ...gravy.

Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From 'Spartacus' by Sound-Awake

Other random discovery over the weekend, is the right brassiere makes a Huge difference. Sexy undergarments for your self sometimes actually matters... lol. .......(thatisall)

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