Friday, November 26, 2010

Live, Work, Create... Repeat

A lot has gone down for the past month and a half. To sum it up, it was simply a series of me doing a lot of working hard, and then reaping the fruits of my labour. All of which were both sweet and salty. It can get exhausting sometimes (emotionally and physically) to work really hard to build up exactly what you have in your head, and then have the results of all that work be a straight up failure. When things like that happen, I feel like its a simple quiet reminder that no matter how much we try, there are certain things we are not and cannot be in control of.

Regrets... I have some. But I try not to have them. I've been going back and replaying the many things I could've done differently to make my work better... then right after thinking that, I realize how futile it is to stress about it, what is done is done. Move on. ... well at least do more than try to move on.

Chiddy Bang - Slow Down by Jay Redd

I've also been thinking about identities. I think identities, or moreso, people's identities are fluid. No one stays the same. I think for as long as time exists people will always change and that's cool... lol... People should accept it. To contain someone with your definition of them is denying them the gift of time. I'm not saying to be ready to accept a full 360 from someone out of nowhere... but damn. ... it can also be suffocating to feel forced to act how people expect you to, when it's not you any more. I've been on both sides of the story the person unwilling to accept change, and the one who's changed.

To recognize the gift of time, is to recognize blessings. So I try. ...I try to live, work, create... then repeat.

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