Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say it ain't so

I realized last night that I STRONGLY STRONGLY Dislike Group projects. I've had a rough week. why? you ask... I've had to start and complete 5 essays within the span of 3 days. I had a group project that I basically did by myself because everyone else was really 'too busy' to submit their part. .......... UUUGGGHHHHH!! SMH

Too Busy?!?!... I'm BUSY too!!! :-/ ... (sigh) ... I didn't even procrastinate for any of these assignments! :( They were all given within a short time span. I swear alot my profs this semester seem to think that their class is my only priority :(

School + Dying = Studying ...
so right now, no words, just pics, and sounds...
no content.

Lupe Fiasco - Never Forget You feat John Legend by lacnyl

^^^ I feel like this child above lol ^^^^

... it's almost over. it's almost over. ... But as much as I want this week to be over, I need more time... I need more time..

Cee Lo Green - "Please" Feat. Selah Sue by Some Kind of Awesome

BLACK STUDENT CONFERENCE is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG.......
I'm excited... Nervous... and Stressed.. equally mixed into one beautiful ball of goodness.. uuuuggghhh... say it ain't so!!

In the words of Barney Stinson it's going to be.... ....wait for it... wait for it.... LEGENDARY

oh yeah... and today I'm selling my iphone... and will officially be a BB user. I would feel bad except that I've been through hell and back with my iphone. Though I had some good times... (well ish lol..) NO REGRETS. I just hope I figure out this bbm/ blackberry business fast.. lol.. I'm not one to be quick to adapt to these technological changes.

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