Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's a video from the ever so CrippyClean people of Street Etiquette ... I've been toying with the idea of taking blogging more seriously and collaborating with a few people and create a blog or a tumblr that takes awesome to another other level. #saulwilliamshit. ..but I dunno.


On other news... since my right eye is in some sort of comma from fighting this virus, and today my left eye felt left out, it wanted some too... smh. I decided to study music... lol. And ran into this song: "You and I (we can conquer the world". Which has an interesting story behind it. But before I can get to this song I guess I should first address the idea of creative freedom in music. Well at least at the time Stevie Wonder was transitioning from little Stevie Wonder to STEVIE WONDER. There was little to no room for creative freedom for artists especially in the machine called: Motown Records (which in itself deserves a post and book as topic of its own but I digress). If it wasn't for the HUGE success and revenue that the Jackson 5 was generating for Motown, and Mastermind: Berry Gordy (founder) he would NOT have gotten away with releasing 2 flop albums as BIG STEVIE WONDER.

All this to say that the song: "you and I (We can conquer the world)" was a song that stevie wrote for his then wife Syreeta Wright. He never released this song as a single, but people always asked him to perform this song, but turns out Stevie isn't a big fan of performing this song. Guess why?? ... ... give up? ... turns out Syreeta left him after this album was released..... granted their relationship only lasted 18 months, and her other marriage was also short lived...but still.

it made for a great song at least...smh

can you imaging, spilling your guts out believing in the very crevices of your heart that you and this person can conquer the world, and all of sudden the person dips... and leaves you dry. ... it makes it especially disheartening cuz the song is sooo honest, and simple. ... and then for the song to be a HIT record. According to my music prof, this song was one of Stevie Wonder's songs that he wrote just for his wife and decided to put it on the album not for his fans but for his wife, because he had creative freedom (kinda reminds me of how he was rolling like Ray Charles in the sense that both were blind, were BUSINESSMEN, TOTAL creative freedom, black & HIGHLY successful... well sort of maybe Stevie had less groupies).

On another note, here's a video I found by Travis Barker feat. The Clipse (track is produced by Pharrell) ... uuuugghhh. I love it :)

Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse - Come and Get It from DanTheMan on Vimeo.


  1. *mouth drops* Joshua K is a med school drop out!!??......waw.

  2. YUP... crazy right? lol... props


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