Saturday, February 12, 2011

I was thinking, Hypothetically ...I mean..

Let's say I was one of those ladies who liked to talk and vent about all those "haters" I got, and profanity spilling out of my tongue every two seconds, the drama that followed my ever so exciting life would probe me to say something along the lines of: "F-U haters" ... I would follow it with a picture like this:


LOOOOOL!!!!! I literally laughed out loud while pointing at my laptop screen, when i saw this pic. I DARE you not to laugh.. don't judge me... I know I know, the poor kid looks devastated, and his feet are positioned in a way that suggests that his next step will land him face to the floor,...hahaah... (God bless his heart).

But this picture deserves a frame and an award. It is priceless.

Ohh yeah...
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