Thursday, February 24, 2011

Veuillez Veiller sur vos Rêves

Soulection // Teaser by SOULECTION

I haven't written anything solid in a while. I've scribbled here and there, but nothing solid. Part of it is because I'm uninspired, and part of it is because I'm trying to make sense of these words that fell from my brain to my laptop screen. I have a document of 5 pages worth of words, and ideas that I'm trying to convolute into a poem or 2 or 3 and I'm stuck.

So here's the idea: I'm going to attempt to do sort of like a writer's bloc. lol... except that I will be alternating between words and sketches... not sure when this will start but right now March 1st looks very probable. I don't think I will share any of it on this blog though, unless the outcome of my penmanship far surpasses what I thought I could produce... umm.. yeah.. that's the idea, so we'll see.

(I used to log on myspace (chhyyeeaah remember myspace??lol) just to play this song over and over again, cuz I'm cool like that)

Dear Eye problems, please go away.... Dear Essay, please write yourself.... Dear inspiration, where are you??? :(

(Strange Fruit)

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