Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking for balance

..... ket.... YUP, j'me sens super morbide... (lol)
3 more weeks...
Me thinking of the fact that, that's how long I have until I'm done Uni is making me feel like the picture above. It also makes me want to play NERD's In Search Of album [bobby James to be exact] (feelin' all emo and whatnot)) .... except minus the drugs and the alcohol, and the hardcoreness of it all

Hocus Pocus Feat. Oxmo Puccino - Clip "Equilibre" by hocuspocus

Equilibre = Balance... I think that's what I need right now.... that and some sort of income...
Un ami m'a suggeré de devenir poète après ma graduation... moi, j'ai ri... I dunno yo... lol...
I need balance.

(strange Fruit)

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