Sunday, March 6, 2011

There's nothing like the feeling you get after paying off your credit card, rent, phone bill at 2 in the morning. For a starving student like myself, I guess it just puts things in perspective and even though I've been trying not to think about money, and answering my "what's next question", I realized I really need figure at least some part of this out. ... By this I mean how I'm going to finance myself, my dream, whatever it may be, ... and do so myself. Lately I've been too sick and too broke to do a few things I planned to do, so I somehow found myself in pyjamas at 2pm, accidently stumbling on the Oprah Winfrey Network, at the start of Diane Sawyer's Master Class. ..

Outasight - Never say never by outasight-music
[***On Repeat***]

And among the many things she said in the show the idea that really stayed with me was as follows:
"My dad, I still think, had the most beautiful, simple checklist for what you should do in life: Do something you really love that you would do it anyway. Do it in the most adventurous place you can do it. And make sure that it helps other people. And if you feel there's a genuine need for it, and that through that need you can help other people, you're home." — Diane Sawyer

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