Thursday, March 17, 2011

Once upon a time... transitioning (pt.2)

Sooo, I love my hair... yes granted it has its awkward days where it doesn't feel well. There are days when it's acting like a 14 year old teenager with raging hormones, but this whole 'transitioning thing' is exactly that. It's growing it's acting out, ragging hormones, unrully, stubborn, acne-like-awkward and all that kind of madness. But it's growing... Sure right now it looks a bit awkward, but I've managed to always find a way to make it work regardless. Even if the folds of some of its coils are poking out a few places... and it absorbs conditionner like a teenager would to a bag of chips... that's what makes it happy. So I please it, and somehow in return, I'm being taught.

I'm being taught to listen. To pay attention to how it's reacting to everything I give it... Through patience, we're both learning discipline. Eventually this 'transitioning thing' will end... and it'll be one huge set of hair on my head, and by then I think my strands will understand what it means to do what I say. .... (at least I hope so lol)....

Today I blow-dried my hair... and it was huge. It looked like chaos, war and roses. I loved the mess. The strange fruit of it all is that I found a sense of piece of mind about it all. ... I felt content. Not sure if it's a one-day-only feeling, but i'm feeling it more and more each day. I am blessed ladies and gents.

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  1. that's EXACTLY what I felt...when I blowdried my hair for the first time.