Friday, August 5, 2011

Mumbled Soliloquy

She called him brother
he called her sister
though they were not related
to acknowledge the only proverbial bloodline rooted in the motherland
I heard them call each other royalty.

She loved him like a soulclap and spoke using muted hand movements as extended (((parentheses))).

Almost as if to cup her (heart) in truth and let some words seep through her fingers like warm sand
....Spoke louder in writing than in person
expressions hidden in the spaces between hyphens – , slashes/ and [square brackets]
she's as complex as her mumbled soliloquies and as simple as dawn.

 truth is.... she has grown accustomed to beats, because of her fear of lullabies.
.....So she CLAPS, snaps and head bobs to beats... because loving him like a soulclap is the closest thing she's ever known to love.

(strange ...
and a first. ...I'm trying folks lol.. bear with me).

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