Saturday, August 6, 2011

we all know it... "grey matter"

We all know it... that one moment in a friendship where for some reason you don't know if the other person is being nice or if they're flirting. fact you start rethinking and asking yourself if you had been subconsciously been flirting the whole time or if you're just too nice for your own good. ....

so now the two of you exist in this gray area and you're unsure what is the proper etiquette to either pursue your preferred route whether it is to clarify the friendship or to try to find a spark between the two of you.

Cadence Weapon - Baby I'm Yours (ft Shad) by Upper Class Recordings

............... ooooorrrr none of this applies to you. And you just have crazy ass parties in your head, as you scroll pages of blogs online or rock back and forth and drowning in your solitary thoughts of being young possibly black and awkward and quietly extremely single lol... and you feel bad-ass when you manage to sleep at 3 am. lol.
.... or all of the above.

It's late... had the random thought of streaming coltrane's album coltrane for lovers a few minutes ago. and thought about this. ... this grey area. lol.'s an interesting area.

When I think about the grey matter that comes with dating... a major component of our social nervous system. lol... (<< see what I did there... nerd-wordplay... bare with me lol) ...

These days, my summertime are sort of filled with these couples or people hooking up (what does "hooking up even mean?!?") ... it also seems like everyone and their cousin is getting married or having a baby lol  ... so this grey area or lackthereof... (lol)...has been on my mind.


  1. Nice worldplay I approve lol

  2. YES!! ... *high five* for the win!! :)


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