Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Madness of a sunny hot day

Fall in Love -> Estelle feat. Nas
when I first saw the link for this, I thought it was a beautiful, and out-of-the-blue collaboration. ... I listened to it. and I was right :)

oh random... yesterday, I was walking the streets of Toronto, for the purposes of buying more summer clothes (i.e. shorts!! tank tops!! dresses!! :) ...I digress) and for some reason, not sure if it's because of the way I've been feeling like I carry myself with the whole transitioning hairstyles I've been doing. I've been noticing more stares. In one instance there was a man who stopped me. And I thought naively that it was for directions or a question or something, but he looked at me and said: "keep up the good the work... you're very beautiful". I never know how to handle compliments. So I smiled sincerely and said: "thank you very much!" and as I was walking away, I sort of felt uncomfortable, because I didn't make me. Why should I take the credit. I did not choose my race, skin color, hair texture, height, hell... I don't know why I like the clothes I choose to clothe my body lol. I wanted to tell him to thank God for that... but it would've probably come out of my mouth awkwardly like it always does lol.
... and there was another man/magician that was performing some magic tricks by Dundas square for an audience. and I as I was walking towards him, and stopped. he paused his act for a few seconds when he saw me, and said "wow, really loving your hair". ......... so I just smiled... and tried to avoid eye contact lol.

Another reason why I went downtown to get Shad's TSOL ... B.O.B.'s new one... Jose James and Jef Nerve's album... and I was really hoping to get Janelle Monae's but its not out in Canada yet.[I'll give my review for all of them sometime this week, but it's not the purposes of this post lol] When I was at HMV, I saw this guy, who was occupying the booth where you get to listen to albums and decide whether or not you want to buy the albums or not... he was eying me for a while... and by a while I mean I felt like I was being watched ... but strangely, not sure if its because I was in a good mood or not, but I didn't get the usual annoyed and uncomfortable feel I usually get when I feel like I'm being watched. I actually had the urge to come up to him and ask him what he was listening to and from there have a random conversation about hiphop (after all, the cd options that was on the booth was Shad's TSOL, Reflection Eternal's RPM) ... but I didn't. I should've. Instead we exchanged glances and smiled at each other. (sidebar >>> this happened 1st with this black guy, then after I went upstairs to get my jazz album, it kinda happened again with this white guy).
... strange day.

oooh.. I just found a gem from Slakah the Beatchild feat. Tingsek & Ebrahim. It's called the War Within >>> click here to download it. They are performing in Toronto this friday... I'm going to try to check it out... will somehow hopefully find someone to come with me, cuz there's also a young dubpoet thing going on that my friend invited me to. If I could manage to go to both that would be awesome :)

Random freestyle I found, I think the black guy is someone famous... and I think he's canadian... I'm not sure... and I think it's set in Haiti... but found it interesting and random enough to want to post it.

ooh... another random Mos Def Freestyle

enough randomness for one post lol... found this quote and thought this is the lesson learned from all yesterday's beautiful madness:

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