Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear God...

I'm trying hard to reach you. Dear God, I see your face in all I do. sometimes its so hard to believe it. But God, I know you have your reasons.

Hello World,
I've had a crazy long weekend. Running around. A constant reminder of struggles. A constant reminder of the beauty that lies within them. The ugly that lies in life. I also thought about relationships. And my amateur status in them. I often question whether or not I can talk to people properly. I mean I'm not sure if I have selective hearing or something, but I often end up lost in translation. And I mean that in more ways than one. It can be language barriers, it can sometimes be the static on my iphone when I'm having conversations with people.
maybe I'm just not speaking the same language as them, (not literally)...

ran into this single. "Dear God 2.0" - by The Roots feat. Monster Folk's hook in their original track "Dear God". If anyone is a fan of The Roots, then you know it's kind of a reminder of "The Seed 2.0"... (well, ish). lol. I love The Roots.
anyway, I'm in love with the track. I just downloaded it. I'm trying to figure out a way to post links to download it, but give it a couple of days and you will probably find it on youtube and everywhere. Or better yet, google it!

OOH and in regards to the quote...
In EVERY THING I do, whether it be a conversation with a friend or stranger, In what I write, in what I say, in What I do. In the people I meet. In the people I observe. In what they say, in what they do. I see God. But With everything I see, and hear, and experience, I sometimes have alot of doubts.
But I know God Has its reasons for things being the way they are. Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm wrong. This world, my world, or at least the world I see through my lens really is a STRANGE FRUIT.

(click here to download: "Dear God 2.0" )

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