Saturday, August 28, 2010

EarGasmic Loss

Tomorrow is Rock The Bells. I could've been there. As much as I wished from my deepest core to go, I could not afford it. This summer's been rough financially. Maybe next time. Now I'm in the process of moving, though this move isn't as drastic and tiring as when I moved from a province to another, it's still a bit of work, and tiring nonetheless. I can't wait till it's over!!

Random: I'm really excited for NERD's new album: Nothing that's due to release on September 7th. I smell really good work-out music :)

So after a long conversation with my sister, after I freaked out at the fact that she had a date set for her big chop. I realized I was going through the transitioning process without any real goals as to when I would just give up the relaxed ends lol. After much laughter, & off-topic rants we decided to twin it up and do our big chop on the same day! lol... April 9th 2010 is the date (I think lol). That day, we are going to be relaxer free!! I'm excited and nervous. Super excited to prove people wrong. Super excited to NOT have to burn my scalp every 3 months. Super excited to save the 100$/3 months x 4 times a year = 300/year, that could be going to my student loan or other young&foolish things like RockTheBells!!!! lol... (I'm still mourning this eargasmic loss)

[sidebar: Today, Common facebooked that he thinks he's just going to crash rock the bells in NY and go on stage, because of the golden line-up... I died.]

Hair-wise... In 2-3 years this is the length I want to achieve:

(^^my goal!^^)

(my goal!!!^^)

(^^ MopTopMaven is my Hero!&HairIdol!!!^^)

AAAAHHHH!!! k. enough.

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  1. April 9th baybay!!!whoooooohooo [*testosterone-induced scream]