Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I need a moment

I wish I could play the guitar like George Benson, play the drums like Travis Barker, the scatting skills of Ella Fitzgerald, and have a deepness that combines the spirit of Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis, and every other bold-spirited people I've ever come across whether it be through books I've read at my leisure, at school, seen through my TV screen, or the screen of my laptop... real life or virtual.

I think I'd be pretty dope.
Very random. But woke up to the idea. lol.


Speaking of Ideas. Soooooo.... Inception.
yeah. literally watched it twice, and still wrapping my head around the concept.
I would expand on it, but I've read enough posts, and heard too many talk about it, and I'm annoyed at even dedicating part of this post to Inception. But damn. lol. waaw.


like really I need a moment.


On another tip. New K-os mixtape.
*ipod cheers!!* ..lol... now I got Wale AND K-os! ...[what's this? do I hear Saukrates!? and Drizzy Drake!?... *squeals*]
2 great mixtapes in one week!

K-Os - The Anchorman Mixtape by Some Kind of Awesome

Today's Positives: I think I somehow managed to memorize 'Framed Portraits!' without peaking at my iphone. I booked everything finally! Montreal in 2 weeks! and I get to see some friends&fam. It's been a while!!...It's been too long.

Negatives: I came to work unprepared today, because I didn't understand the research assignment. I was a lost mess.

(aaaannndd my procrastination stops here. (sigh) aiiggght back to work :( ... )

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