Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Montreal scribbles...

A few scribbles I wrote when I was in montreal...

"Just took a short little walk by the drizzling rain, while listening to some dwele and bilal... In the search of a place to eat. Tonight I didn’t feel like some deep fried artery clogging goodness. That was all last week and 2 days ago. I’ve had enough lol. I’m in the mood for some sushi. I find a place that suits my liking, and though the sushi bar is closed, I settle for some Tum Tum soup. I’ve never tried it before.It’s deliscious! ... too bad there’s no wi-fi though... otherwise I swear I could probably be for a while" (SundayAugust22nd.2010)

Looking back at that last scribble, I remember I was really feeling the vibe of that night. and in the hopes I'll get some wi-fi, I brought my laptop, to blog all of this but I couldn't cuz I wasn't a mcgill student. After failing at figuring out my little sister's login, I end up on microsoft word typing up some words not sure if its going to be a piece or not or just more random scribbles or just words. Till this very moment I'm still questioning where the ideas, came from, I just started typing. lol. [hmmm I smell a poetry post soon!]

It rained alot. If there is one thing I wish I did before I left was I wish I got to see Montreal's fine arts museum Miles Davis exhibit. I googled it, and was so excited and pumped to check it out. Unfortunately when I got there I found out they were closed. Only to have Ian Keteku tell me how amazing it was today. :( .... if I had it my way there are a lot more things I would've done during that trip. But I'm not in control of how family is, and how people are in general... so I tried to find that balance between what I wanted to make out of the trip, and what my little sister wanted to do. Which is alright :)

Other random scribble:

" Checked out a mural that had pictures of downtown montreal, that were presented by the musée McCord. They had displays of black and white pictures of reknown places in downtown montreal. They contrasted the same place with what it looked like in the 1800s’ and in 1900’s – 2000’s . I Found it Really interesting. The only thing I remember thinking is Gentrification. Industrialisation and more gentrification. Smh. When will it end.
I also remember walking down on avenue des parcs, and wondering where aboriginals were in the city, because they are so blatantly in your face when you go to downtown Calgary, and I saw my first sighting of some... (still not as bad as Calgary though). [It's sad. That the issue is refered to as the "aboriginal problem" making it sort of like a stain that the city is trying to get rid of, without addressing the systematic issues to led to their displacement in the first place.] I saw some of them, it was the same scene of homelessness, drunkenness. Shook my head, and wondered to myself, when will it end." (MondayAugust23rd.2010)

(worked a little bit on my fall/winter wardrobe... by that I mean I got a scarf, a cardigan and free clothes from my little sister lol)

Overall highlights: Long walks around the city. Seeing Alot of people speak french. Particularly Asian ones!! lol.. it tripped me everytime. Being able to go to Cora's for breakfast and order everything in french (even though it was one of the worse breakfasts I ever had lol). Eating food then having ice cream while walking on St-Dennis. Interesting conversations/debates with my little sister. Seeing her and helping her the best way I could. :)




CEE-LO!!! (I'm not a big fan of profanity. But this song is amazing!! lol)

Bruno Mars!!!


anyway.... I will NOT miss the loooong 10hr bus ride!!

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