Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stay Tuned.

About a year ago, I wrote a paper about Hip Hop, Race and Racism. Because I was blessed enough to have been given the opportunity to do so. I remember thinking: "pfftt oh yeah this is going to be sooo easy, easy A" ... and as it turns out, it wasn't easy, but I did get the A (braaaap braaaap puuuullll uuuuuupppp!!!!)lol. It's one thing to be passionate an love hip hop, and it's another thing to write about it, and use it in an academic setting. And this is especially so in a setting as structured as the academic study of Liberal Arts. I think this paper was one of the hardest papers I've ever had to write in my 4 years of university. To put in perspective, and looking back on it, I think it's because I cared so much about it, and because it was narrowed down to be 4-5 pages double spaced, and there was sooooooooo much to say on the matter that I just froze.

Anyway, I've been debating whether or not i should post and "blog-edited-less-structured" version of it. After talking to a friend and discovering the awesomenesss of gmail-chat while at work, I decided that I am. Stay tuned.

k ... so I'm about to freestyle a little somethin' somethin'...
you ready?? ...

Stay Tuned to the sound of my speed.
Watch me Still don't flip the chanel
Stay Tuned...keep refreshing your web-browser, and I'll eventually appear.
Stay tuned cuz life has got me a little caught up but I'm fighting to stay afloat and share the love and inspiration that life loves to throw at me

Stay Tuned because I want you to be inspired.
But most of all Stay Tuned because I think readers of this blog whether I know you or not, whether you comment or not, whether you send me fb friend requests or not, whether I decline them because we've never met or not. keep me posted.
keep me tuned and keep me feeling blessed.

Stay tuned and marvel and shine in amazement of this life I like to share and call Strange Fruit.

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