Monday, December 13, 2010

I've been working on my music project, and it's taking forever, but at least I'm actually enjoying going through it. A part of me can't understand how come this is homework, yet another part of me completely gets it (it can be a little tedious). But still ... I'm loving it.

ViolinGreen - apple juice kid - miles remixes by killingenelneima

Just ran into this video of a lecture that was given by Professor Micheal Erick Dyson and Lupe. They are talking about the future of Hip-Hop... thought it was cool :)

The Future of Hip-Hop ft. Lupe Fiasco from Entertainment U. on Vimeo.

On another tip, this morning I revisted one of my favorite albums: Timeless by Sergio Mendes. There's something about his tracks that I love, even if for the most part, since I don't speak portuguese, I don't understand, but I love it! :) ... here's the french version

Les Eaux de Mars (Waters of March) Sergio Mendes feat. Zap Mama by Flávio Assub

I think I'm going to post some more sergio mendes

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  1. Great images, love everyone of them!