Friday, December 10, 2010

to tumblr or not to tumblr ?

Lately I've considering getting a tumblr ... and also have this, because there are times when I don't want to write much... and just post things. lol. What do you guys think? ... *shrug*

Xmas Time- Dj Jazzy Jeff & Ayah by rhythmhub

So Most of my academic madness is over! The only thing I have ahead of me is my music project. Which is going to consume my innermost being for the next few days because it's so loaded!!... and it didn't really hit me that christmas is roughly 2 weeks away... until I put this track on my ipod, and watched people at the subways station with all their massive shopping bags and slight anxiety on their faces lol. smh

Anywho, I had a plan to dance outside and do kartweels and everything, as soon as I would be done everything on friday, instead I stayed at home, and just chilled. lol..(let's face it, I haven't done a kartwheel since I was 7)..The next day I went to this fashion/HIV & AIDS fundraiser with a friend, then went to a small get-together christmas thing. It was nice :)

Chiddy Bang - The Good Life (Prod By The Neptunes) by drewboat

Hopefully during the break, I'll be able to work on some art, writing, and catching up with people I haven't had a chance too in MONTHS!

(I don't usually post pics of myself on this thing... thought I would for once lol)

Peace and LOVE.

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