Friday, December 17, 2010

This is me, after 192 hours of writting my music journal. That's a week straight of waking up, going on my computer listening to songs over and over again, analyzing it, researching it, thinking about it, reacting to it, and writting it. When I go hard on my work, I go hard, ask anyone.

I managed to reached up to 140 songs. The minimum for this project is 150 songs. And I had the fortunate realization when I got to my 80th song, that a few of my previous analyses were not very solid, so I gotta go back and fix it before I leave for Ottawa. So let's just say I have a few more days to go on this until it's over.

On a lighter note...Today for the first time in those 192 hours, I went outside. I walked outside... and I smelt fresh air, and felt the ground. I felt the snowflakes fall on my head, my nose, and my eyelashes. I don't think I ever appreciated the feeling of just being outside in the cold as much as I did just then. ....... it was glorious

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