Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep Calm and Make it work

[Haitian Girl posing with her prosthetic leg, 1 yr after the earthquake]

... Attention, all Haitians, non-Haitians, people who are in solidarity with Haiti. If you have felt overwhelmed, sad, depressed because of this struggle you call life, or the struggle you witness people around you or on your TV screen experience, If you have felt lost in the world, helpless, guilty for being so blessed, undeserving ... I say keep calm and make it work. Today, I'm feeling better than yesterday. I was depressed, all I could see was negativity, nothing positive. But today I wouldn't have it. I even made my way to winners and got a yoga mat, and as soon as I got home I started to stretch breath and just think. I was even going to bake something, then I got too comfortable in my room and decided not to. ....... I'm ok now.

Sometimes I think it can be overwhelming to care about the 'less fortunate'... I put it in quotation, because oftentimes people who 'we' think is 'less fortunate' don't consider themselves 'less fortunate' AT ALL, so why call them that? ... but I digress. After running into a tumblr ad of Tim Gun with the quote "keep calm and make it work" I decided to name this post the same. Sometimes my head tries to pick at all these things that's going on around me all the will by assessing myself and how I fit in this mess... and I go crazy a little bit. So ... New motto guys: Keep Calm and make it work.

Jose James

Jose James by user2405655

Ran into this video after downloading the song the other day. ... I've playing it on repeat

Here's a short film that I just enjoyed... about a designer and his process/story ...

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  1. The first picture of this post is extremely powerful!
    one word to describe it: resilient


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