Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if there is a point to being in some classes. I was in class today, and I didn't realize that the class was going to be SUPER concentrated on theory about freedom, and equality. Everything that seemed to be talked about was so abstract, that it almost didn't make sense at all. ...almost. If it wasn't for the discussion that followed afterwards, I would've probably walked out of the class and dropped it. ......smh

Today was a bit depressing, and odd, because it marked the 1 yr mark of Haiti's earthquake. Articles, videos, newspaper reports of how bad everything is. How little progress is being made, and how the Cholera epidemic is worsening. I just felt straight up helpless. I wanted to wear my mini-Haitian flag as a sign of solidarity but I couldn't find it. I wanted to go to an event/fundraiser for it, but I had a night class so I couldn't. Not to mention that winter has officially kicked in full gear now! :(

Somewhere in the middle of me trying not to think about it to much and lighten my mood, I managed to watch the Bachelor. smh (no judging, at least it's not jersey shore)

Then it reminded me of the "dating world".... smh... and how a show like the bachelor is so dumb but it's good TV. It reminded me of other things, but I'll keep it as that.


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