Sunday, January 23, 2011

L-Boogie concert

On January 22nd I ignored the signs. The morning of, my phone KO'ed. It decided that it wasn't going to pick up any sort of service/wi-fi/internet. Then I missed my bus and was running later than scheduled to meet up with my friend and head down.I spent 4 dollars calling my friend on a payphone, who had her share of trouble before the two of us finally met (forgot her wallet.. was running late..ect.). We both didn't know where we were going.In my determination to get there as early as possible, we cabbed it from the station to the venue. (It was in the middle of nowhere, close to industrial companies, and by the water, so it was 10x colder than normal)

10$ later...we find the place. Lineup was LONG. While we were both waiting in line trying to rock back and forth to the music this truck beside us was blasting,I kept thinking: "please God, let her show up!"... We were in line for a little more than an hour.I had lost all feelings in my fingers and my toes... it was 8:00 pm (the time it was supposed to start) ..... We were worried.

At 9:30 we finally got to feel heat, we were then inside the building. After security threw out my only meal for the day (a chocolate chip muffin from Tim Hortons). 10:30 when I regained full feeling on my fingers and toes. 11:30 when L-Boogie finally got on stage.

She got on stage, looking awesome! I'm not sure if it's because of the videos I saw of her, responding to some of angry fans while still on stage, but I was happy to see her and still tense, because I didn't know what to expect lol. Throughout the concert she would direct everyone from the pianist, background vocalist, to the lights and sound people. From then on, you knew, and it was obvious that this was HER show, and NO ONE ELSE's. Not the fan's show, HER show. I wasn't sure whether to take it in as a good thing or a bad thing... so I embraced it as is.

She performed a mix of Miseducation & the Score, most, if not all were performed completely different then their original, which for some I liked, some I didn't. After she performed her first 2 songs, I remembered feeling like she sounded a little tired, there were even parts where she would sing her runs, and I felt like she was screaming more than singing (but these moments were very brief, thankfully)... but as the show continued, I appreciated the fact that she would give a little explanation about some of the songs, and would refer to these songs as a time in her life where she was young and she was looking for answers. Based on how she sang some the songs, whether I liked her new rendition of it or not, I felt that there was an evident feeling of pain and struggle that she went/(maybe still is going) through. ...She "kept it real".

It was cool. It's too bad I was tired from standing for 7 hrs and HUNGRY and THIRSTY the whole time, otherwise I would've given her more energy than I did. Nevertheless, I still found myself jumping up and down and screaming what I had left in my lungs out to her when she performed a few of my favourites.

Even if there were a few instances towards the end of the show where I wanted to leave, because my feet were hurting, I was sooo hungry and dehydrated (a girl beside me fainted) I stayed and I stuck it out and I'm glad. I felt like she gave it her all, and everything she was singing or rocking out to was delivered in a very real way. I felt it, and I believed in what she was singing. So I left happy.

How many mics does L-Boogie rip on the daily.... Say me say Many Moni, Say me say manymanymany... ♥

[Sidebar: I saw my music prof and my TA at the concert. Even if I feel like I'm struggling in the class, He automatically gained like 20+ points in the cool department lol. I also saw classified getting a hot dog outside with a friend, just chillin'. I was kind of thrown off, cuz he's a pretty well known Canadian rapper. Not sure if it was my "small-town" upbriging, but I tapped him on the shoulder, and asked him if he was classified, the rapper... he said yes... and I was like "wooorrd?? that's awesome!!" ... (smiled, shook his hands) .. he laughed... I asked him if he enjoyed the show, he said he did, and I cosigned... told him I just wanted to say hi, then he laughed, I told him it was nice to meet him, as I walked away ............ random ..... lol.... cool dude. As I was walking away, I wanted to get a picture of me and him doing a b-boy stance, but it was too late :( smh.]

Here's one of the videos I managed to record on my camera during the show...

Lauryn Hill - turn your lights down low from yaz mat on Vimeo.

Strange Fruit.

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