Wednesday, July 7, 2010

15 minutes away

K'naan's 15 minutes have never felt so true.

" I am sending this one out to everyone who has had to wait on a money transfer
Yeah, it's kinda whack when they charge you like ten percent on the dollar, but you know how go it feels when they say...

You can pick it up today
It's 15 minutes away

The worst thing is the waiting, man
It's spiritually draining
I guess I could repaint
But don't think I'm complaining

I'm in my small apartment
(in my case small room)
This month has been the hardest
I couldn't afford some omelettes
(went grocery shopping w/ a budget of 20$ today)
I'm broken like an empty promise

I talked to my mom the other day. told her how broke I was. and I woke up out of my nap with my dad asking me to write down 11 digits. I can't wait to pick it up!! lol..
and YES tomorrow I will blast k'naan on my way to western union and or possibly sing out-loud: YOU CAN PICK IT UP TODAY! IT'S 15 MINUTES AWAY!! :)

... Generosity is the key. It's important to give to those who need it. It's funny,... I know I'm broke, I've accepted that, it's how things are (at least for now lol)... and that most people around me are working to stay broke again. But I think it's usually in this state of brokeness that we need to give of ourselves and the remainder of what we have whether it be time or dollars to those in need. I think that's when it matters the most. And I know from the depths of my heart that God sees it. And I believe will reward me outside of this lifetime... or maybe in this lifetime... who knows lol.
en tout cas.

- Went to the hospital today for my allergies, and they actually feel better, I have a referral to a specialist. But the run-around I had to do I found ridiculous. The only thing I could think of is that the logistics of the healthcare system can be kind of messed up. People are so caught up in the logistics and formalities of the process of providing help to the people who need it, that if someone was dying, they would die in the middle of the formalities. ........ it's ridiculous. I'm sure people have died from it. In fact I got home and on the news they explained a case of a man who died because he had to wait 40 minutes before being cared for in the emergency unit. I also saw alot of old people that were in their beds dying. A reminder to me to take care of my body today, my 40-plus-year-old body (if I'm blessed to see that long) will thank me for it.

Peace & Love

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