Friday, July 16, 2010


hhmmmm... it's been longer than usual.
Alot of things went down lol... minus the Dire LACK of shifts at one of my jobs, I've been working really hard at my other one, and it's paying off (unfortunately not literally this just figuratively). :) ...
Random but just found this video and I like it..

Lately I've been wasting a lot of my time doing pointless things. For instance yesterday, after running around and doing some errands, I ended up watching this movie called: "When in Rome" .... BIGGEST MISTAKE of the summer by far. DUMMEST movie in the world. Not sure why I thought it was going to be any different lol...

Today, I went Grocery Shopping for the first time officially since April!! :D ... and I ate well. Got home, and I was annoyed at being in front of my laptop, so I sketched like 4 pages worth of madness (just started to use charcoal, and today I decided to add nailpolish to it), ... lately for some reason I've been sketching more faces. Not sure where it came from.

The following are things I need to get off my chest:

1. Why is it that the majority of countries that promised to give millions and or billions of dollars to help rebuild Haiti, have yet to give a single dime.

2. Why is the world sleeping

3. Huricane Season is right around the corner... The tents are looking more permanent

4. There are still more than 1.5 Million people homeless... in the capital (Port-au-Prince). ...the CAPITAL people!!.. the lifeline of the country.

5. Why are some of my roomates eating my groceries without asking.

6. Why is Art so damn expensive, ... I know sometimes the pieces can be breathtaking but dammmn
7. Why the hell am I so damn shy... I swear, I probably missed out on so many awesome opportunities to be awesome lol... aaahh!!
8. Why can't I bake a cake?? lol... just tried a few hours ago with a friend. and it was a FAIL... lmao. to the point where I was forcing myself to eat it, because I baked it, and paid for the damn package.. (sigh). LOL.
9. Why... oh WHY did I miss the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. ... WHYYY lol
10. Why is the world so Cruel?
11. Why do you bother reading this? lol ... maybe cuz you can relate? ... a little? ... maybe? ... naww?... just me?

.............. I kinda know the answer to most of the questions I'm asking... and the answers are as complicated as they are simple.


"I am blessed I am fortune’s daughter I find favour every time that I awake to a new day to praise this neck that has never known the weight of a noose instead it carries the weight of a head heavy with knowledge of itself... I am blessed" - Titilope Sonuga

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  1. Possible answers to some your Qs:
    1- My initial response would be greed but it's more selfishness and lack of empathy than anything. 1)Actions are harder to carry than words, so most take on the lighter load, 2) since each country have needs of their own and as leaders, they're responsible for their own country first before anybody else... (sad)

    2-It's comfortable... it doesn't require any type of sacrifice from the country... (*sigh)

    8- LOL! sorry time..maybe..