Monday, July 19, 2010

(feeling weak in the knees)

9TH WONDER presents THE SOUL COUNCIL from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

This video reminds me of when I really fell in love with Hip Hop. I met him when I was a little girl, he gave me poetry and he was my first But in my heart I knew I wasn't the only one 'Cause when the tables turned he had to break up. (yes this is line from Erykah Badu's Love of my life... but I found it so fitting lol)...
But for real though, I remember how old I was when I discovered hip hop, I can tell you my complicated relationship with it from Day 1 since I came into this country (*insert FOB accent*) lol... till today. I would really write it, but I think it goes down better in a conversation and a chillin' background vibe and food, rather then in these blank lines on the keyboard of my laptop.

But just to give a washed down version of how I discovered everything I love about Hip Hop, was by digging beyond what was presented to me. Scratching the surface, if you will. ( get it? scratching like wikki wikki *dj sound*... but also, uncovering it... discovering it! lol) ... Anyway my scratching led to discovery of both the history behind how Hip Hop came to be, a discovery of the different elements, getting involved in ALOT of the different elements (including dancing/ graffiti writting), the hip hop sneaker/fresh swag that comes with it lol), just not MCing or DJing lol. I think what drew me to Hip Hop and KEPT me there, was the people aspect of it. The voicing of the voiceless. ...The political aspect of it I guess. The ability to make beauty and art out of that expression. ...The limitless possibilities it contained. .....(insert Common's "The People" from Finding Forever lol) .

BOUNCING CATS film trailer from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

... ummm yeah. From that standpoint I could relate. Bridging the story of how hip hop came to be, and how I came to be. ...where I'm going. What's going on around me. No other genre of music could do ALL THAT for me.

So I guess with time... it just kinda grew, and just stuck. ... not sure if I'll ever grow out of it when I get older. Not sure if I can. lol

Interesting Video.

(hmmm :D ... he could do without the head-wrap though... not discrediting the fact that he's rocking the hell out of it lol)


Oh yeah... new Chiddy Bang :)

Chiddy Bang "Dream Chasin"

Chiddy Bang | MySpace Music Videos

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