Sunday, July 18, 2010

She's gorgeous.


I would wear these.



(Nikki Minaj annoys me)


I feel like French speaking Caribbean people are very underestimated, or at least I feel like there's this gap between the English and French speaking part of the Caribbean. Like I feel like they don't count us as part of the Caribbean. (A few people have told me that). ....... makes NO sense to me.

... random, but I feel something epic is going to happen. 2010 is still gonna be awesome, despite everything that's happened (good & bad). Half the year has gone by already... and I was re-visiting my New Year Resolutions, that I accidently ended up writing down in my sketchbook, and so far I've accomplished some of the tasks. (sidebar: I even wrote down Lauryn Hill for the hell of it,.... and I'm hoping I can catch her at rock the bells in NY before back to school happens!...and I didn't even know about rock the bells until a few months ago!! :D)

... Always trips me out, on how I actually got to meet Q-tip himself (the fact that all I could mutter was "Hi, you're amazing! Can me and my friend have a picture" is besides the point lol)... LIVE in the flesh, and got a pic too!... ATCQ always and forever in my heart.


I do faces like these in the washroom, and in my room during the day and during the night because I can. lol.... (and I know YOU do too, so don't look at me like that lol)

I've had this track on my ipod since february/march ish... deleted it the other day cuz I overplayed it lol. The beat is rrridicule!!

“Who says Black is not irrevocably beautiful. As is every other color on the planet. The shame is in any one being ostracized or diminished. Any one of God’s uttered iterations deafened is a muting of the entire palette…” - Anonymous

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