Tuesday, July 6, 2010


" my life my life my life my life my life... in the sunshine... everybody loves the sunshiiiinnne".

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Mick Boogie – Summertime The Mixtape by Hypetrak

So it's been SUPER HOT Lately! Summer has made its presence felt. I mean... for real! The HUMIDITY has arrived!!! (40 degrees Celsius in Toronto yesterday). it's a good and bad thing. Good because Heat, sunshine is good. Bad because of allergies, that comes with smog, dust, pollen and such. Overall-wise, I've been better, but as I would say in Creole. "Mwen pa pi mal" - " I am not worse"... which is good. Which means I'm good, not worse.

I was still rolling around my cloud of depression all week. Using walking around the city with 5 dollars in my pocket and trying to clear my head (maybe find inspiration), maximize my bus pass usage (considering how much I paid for it) to relieve my frustration and stress and anxiety. ... basically, I've been trying NOT to think about everything. But the other day I woke up to this quote:

"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could've acted and the indifference of those who should've known better: The silence of the voice of justice when it mattered the most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph" - Haile Selassie

And then I guess I woke up out of my depression ... (well at least somewhat)... I think Church helped a little bit. The subsequent events that followed my gloomy state of mind consisted of hearing other people's stories, and paying attention to them. Walking around a lot with a hungry stomach. Vent. lol... complain to anyone who seemed to hint to care about what's on my mind.
Today I decided to give. I won't go into specific details. But To explore this topic of giving in general, whether it would be volunteering or listening. But giving to those who need it. give time. Spend time letting people know you appreciate them. I think if it's anything positive I can take from having little to no hours at work is to use the spare time that I have and just straight up.... Give. Give myself time to digest where I've been placed, and the circumstances (financial, emotional and otherwise) that God has placed me. Give it to those who need it, by listening, and talking about life. complain together... and hopefully DO something about current circumstances.
Which is why......
(drumroll please)

I'm attending "Getting Started: What Can I Do With My Degree? workshop" on campus tomorrow. LOL. hopefully I'll get something out of it. (maybe some more ambition... sprinkled with a little bit of hope, so I can formulate a plan to talk to God about lol)

On another random note... I find it interesting the random places I get ideas from. I think it's cool. like I got the oddest line when I was at church the other day... and it had NOTHING to do with the sermon... AT ALL!.

on another other random note... I watched The Soloist a few minutes ago. And I think the story-line is beautiful. Re-iterating the importance of giving, and being there for other people, as well as being there for yourself.



in conclusion:
Wise words from my mother after I told her about what happened on the subway (ps. something along the lines of me being sexually harassed), and me needing to go to the hospital for my allergies:

Take Care of Yourself.

Strange Fruit

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